Thursday, April 12, 2012

Random pictures

The other day I never finished these. So, why not now.  Just some random pictures laying around. 

 Nik's turn to lick the beater.  The little vulture waits by the kitchen despite knowing we take turns.  I think he thinks I don't notice. 

Ahh, if I could only replay this a couple months back.  The child who used to be terrified of our dogs now holds them like this and walks them.  

Logan with Alaska.  Not sure who'd more comfortable.  

Nik, trying out Bojan's wheelchair.

Reni with Alaska.  She too loves them both now.  

This is a face that says ' I don't like you mom.'  I told her she had to eat her dinner.  She wasn't too happy about that idea.  BTW, Summer will do anything for chocolate.  Anything.  Overall though, not too bad of an eater.

I know it looks kind of like peach but it's yellow.  We're repainting for a fresh coat for showing the house.  And, to get rid of kid prints.

Summer, waiting anxiously for Daddy to finish his homemade chocolate mint milkshakes.  Yum.  

They are puppies no more.  Usually it's Digby and Kota that share a couch.  Alaska is still our cuddler.  Kota is the one who likes to play.  Especially ball and tug of war w/ the kids.  

More pictures and posts to come.  But first, burgers on the grill, veggies and baked beans.  Yep, definitely spring.  Boys are mad right now.  Won't let them watch the movie unless the room's clean. I know, I'm awful.  Just don't see how boys can live in something that looks like a demilitarized zone.  Crazy.  Then have the audacity to complain about it. 

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