Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Random pictures

Haven't done one of these in awhile and have some pics just laying around from the last few weeks.  So, time to share.

Yana was painting Reni's nails.  No idea why Reni is biting her lip or why Yana is laughing.  All I know is they're getting along so I'm not questioning a thing.

Nik and Summer.  Summer fell asleep, remote in hand.  He looks so huge compared to her now.  Yet, still my baby boy.

Digby, part of the family and the action.  Still our very mellow fellow.

Look quick.  It's the illusive teen photo I rarely get to put on here.  LOL.  This is Yana.  She went with us the other night to soccer practice.  

Summer, sporting her own sense of style once again.  BTW, I've decided to enter her in a contest.  Not kidding.  She's too cute not to.  It's for a magazine and all you have to do is to submit a photo.  Viewers vote.  I'm going to do a mini photo shoot here w/ Irina.  We'll try to pick out a good picture.  Being that neither of us our photographers of any sort, we'll do our best.  I think I may put a few up here and ask for opinions when I do it.  

Okay, tried to load more pics AND wrote more and lost it all.  URGHH.  So, I'm ending this one and trying again later on.  Cut my losses.  LOL.  Plus, have to go make tacos tonight before we go to church clubs.  Kids love them.  Getting chives and onions and a little lettuce from the garden.  Can't wait for fresh tomatoes later this summer.  Locals, anyone who wants some oregano, please come and get it.  We have lots to spare.  enjoy your day.

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