Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Random pictures

Well, today is Wednesday.  I've swept and mopped downstairs, Reni and Alyona cleaned up outside, and Max is painting the dining room.  Other kids will be working shortly.  Beautiful out but weather is turning tomorrow.  So, doing some shopping this evening for odds and ends needed & maybe some movie food for tomorrow.  Supposed to be miserable outside so we're going to call it a movie day tomorrow.  Hence, all our cleaning today.  Relaxing tomorrow.  My friend Rebecca is coming over w/ her daughter to hang out.  Every once in awhile, you need a nothing type of day.  Trying to get a bunch done today but only getting so far.  Warren's tooth fell out last night and he went to the dentist to get the crown put back on.  Called an A/C guy who will call me back this evening.  Still no news from the IRS.  It is what it is but does not make it any easier.  Really need to go to deaf camp this year.  Praying it all works out so that we can go.  Kids are really hoping it works out.  Irina is volunteering this year too.  Nik keeps talking about it and counting down the days.  Not being able to go would be crushing to everyone.  However, can't make things go any faster so trying to be patient.  Up to the IRS at this point.  Haven't received another letter so praying that no news is good news.  I've heard mixed things from other adoptive families.  Some have had to hire lawyers, some have just had to send in more receipts, some have had to do nothing.  We're in a holding pattern and that is always tough no matter what the circumstance.  So, going to get my mind off things and do some random pictures from this past week.

Alyona trying the first tart strawberry of the season.

Ignore the recycling on the counter. LOL.  Max was trying to be funny in the background with the wheelchair.  Not sure what Reni was doing either.  

Alyona and Reni working on Irina's hair.  She has high tolerance for pain remember.  That helps with these two doing your hair.  Trust me.  

Little Vader Summer getting initiated into the mask.  No fear of it.  Thought it was hilarious.  
Reni is growing up so fast already.  Need to work with her hair.  She has such beautiful hair but doesn't want to do anything with it.  Girls.  Reni is doing really well lately.  Though, attitude is coming through.  It's the age.  I know from experience it's the age. 

Hope everyone is enjoying their day.  Got to get back to work. 


  1. Look at that pretty Reni-girl! If my hair looked like this, I wouldn't want to do anything else with it either :).

    One of the developmental questions we keep getting asked about Rex is if we comb his hair or if he does, how he likes it and so on. My answer, "Why would you comb hair that looks this good when he wakes up?" Seriously, I have never once combed that boy's beautiful mane.

  2. I don't write often, but I truly love the spirit of your blog. I sent a little something for the kids for Easter from Amazon. Hope you don't mind. I asked that it be sent as "Gift" without prices, but sometimes that doesn't happen...please don't look at the receipt if it comes. Please just shred it. Honestly, I love reading your story, it inspires me and restores my faith in humanity. Thank you!
    Heather Ruark

  3. Haha! I, too, agree with you that it's the age for the girls. I find that it starts 9/10 all the way to maybe 14/15 depending on the girl. I have 5, and am on my 3rd one with the hormones. I'm just glad that I have 3 years to go before the 4th one hits puberty. My girls would be groaning if they saw this! It gets better when they get older, that's all I can say. :)