Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Present from Nana

As you all know, last week was Reni's birthday.  Her 10th but first one celebrated with a family.  She was so happy.  I still think the balloons were her favorite part.  She also got a package in the mail from my mom.  Nana Babooshka.  (my Russian kids have always called her that.  She hates it.  LOL.  She prefers Nana. Understandable).  Anyhow, Reni got a present from the mailbox.  Thought I'd share a bit of it with you all.

 Reni and a few of the other kids anxiously awaiting to see what she got.

 Reni, opening up her package.

Laying everything out on the counter to take a look.  Saying "I like it this one."  You know orphanage kids growing up never get new clothes.  This is a huge treat for them.  

Showing us an example of what she is going to wear.  She loved it and has worn the shorts and shirts quite a bit already.  Thank you Nana! 

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