Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Party at the farm

After a long day at soccer on Saturday, we came home for an hour and then headed straight to the farm in Wake Forest. 

Poor Summer was super tired from a whole day of soccer.  We make them all take jackets b/c we're there till late at night when it's cool.  

 Where else can you get up this close and personal with the pigs?  This is a mama pig and her piglet.  We told the kids to stay away as pigs can be temperamental around their babies.

Bojan holding 3 week old baby goat 'Yana.'  Yes, named after our Yana.  Bojan had a field day with that one in the car.  LOL.  

Look how fearless Alyona is!  It's great they can touch all the animals.

Still loving all the animals around.  There were peacocks, guineas, guinea pigs, chickens, baby chicks, goats, emus, ponies, rabbits, and too many other countless animals.  My kids learn something new each time.  They get to feed the baby animals too.  I will share more on this farm in a separate post soon of how you can visit.  It really is cool as Farmer Mary is AWESOME w/ kids.  I could not do it.  I really couldn't.  She has patience and answers all kinds of questions the kids come up with.  I promise to share more soon.  This is only a glimpse of what can be done at the farm. 

Nik, LOVES this thing.  He's free as the wind.  Goes high and in  a huge circle or back and forth.  

Farmer Mary helping to put streaks in Logan's hair.  Stylin'.  

They only had purple left but Alyona did not mind one bit!  Usually she has a pile of colors to choose from.  The kids think this is so cool.  I even got one done.  

Nik, a little shy as he has a bit of a time w/ others touching him.  But, he quickly got over that and enjoyed his hair do as well.  

Summer's hair was hard to do as it's black.  But, Mary found a way to make it work.  

Summer trying to fly like her brothers did.  So...much....fun.  

I'm pretty bummed my camera batteries were on and off.  So, not a whole lot of pictures.  However, we were just plain having too much fun to take pictures.  Bonfire was nice.  Got to meet many new folks and catch up with old ones.  Food is always awesome.  We all bring a dish to share.  A really good time was had by all. Came home late.  Went to bed and then up and actually made it to church on time.  I didn't fight w/ any of them on clothing.  Summer had a pretty dress on w/ her cow rain boots but I didn't care.  I've learned to let go of them ever being dressed up.  My kids pictures have holes in pants, torn shirts, stains and the like.  I think it just shows they are non-stop action and have some fun.  They are not sitting inside missing out on life.  Yeh, that's my excuse for them being dirty.  Our goal this Summer is to finally put some of these pictures in to real life photo albums.  LOL.  We'll see.  Boys have soccer this evening.  Went to pick up Yana and she wasn't done w/ track yet.  No call from her yet.  We leave in 30 minutes w/ the boys for soccer.  Communication amongst some of my teens has MUCH to be desired lately.  Can't wait to see a meet next week.  Wished we could have gone today.  I'm going next week anyhow.  Max can get Bojan off the bus himself.  See, school wants to see a parent.  Shoot, what would  they do, keep him on the bus?  No.  Plus, Max is 17yo.  I'd like to see Yana's meet next week and not stay here waiting for a bus to "see" me.  

Bojan fell out of the wheelchair today.  Skinned up the stump pretty bad as he's not wearing his prosthetic.  Hoping it heals by the time the cast is off.  All from not doing what he's supposed to...like use the sidewalk.  When will they listen?  No appointments tomorrow but some errands I'm running w/ Irina.  Then, we have church clubs that evening.  More later.  Things to do, places to go. LOL.

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  1. I can't wait to hear more details on the farm! It looks like it could be a great place for a "field trip" for the ten kids coming to the area for our orphan hosting program this summer. Tell me more :)