Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Our little garden

I know I owe a post on how we're changing our lifestyle in regards to eating.  I"ll get there eventually.  For now though, thought I'd share our mini garden we started. 

Anyone for very healthy oregano?  Tons of it.  Feel free to come get some.  There is also basil starting in this box.  Chives always do well and we use them all the time.  Very small garden but getting there slowly.

 Homeschoolers had Earth Day unit this week.  We talked about compost and I showed them the bin outside and explained it.  Scrap wood pile is leaving this weekend.  URGHH!!!  The first box at the bottom is all tomatoes.  2nd box is onions.  Last box  has beans in it.  Other side will be peppers soon.  There is already lettuce, radishes growing. 

These are the onions Nik planted.  They've done well and we've used them quite a bit already.  Nice to reach out in your own garden for food.  Hence, why we need a much bigger grow much more.  

We experimented this year with one strawberry plant to see if we could actually keep it alive.  It's working!  Much to our surprise.  Showed the homeschoolers how it starts off w/ the flower and leads to the berry.  You can see some of the berries starting here. 

We also have planters around w/ various things.  We definitely need much more space for more plantings.  Hoping we can move.  Someone is coming this weekend to look at the house.  This garden is small but it's a great one to start with for the kids.  They helped clean it out, plant the seeds, water it, and pick the veggies.  It works for us and hopefully we can do this on a much bigger scale at the next house.  Time will tell.

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