Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Nik's drawings

Time to take a break from craziness for a second.  So, thought I'd share what our son has been up to.  He wants to be like his big brother artist.  Be prepared. 

Nik taped this to Max's and copied it.  Then, he took his own artistic liberties w/ it.  Nik told me the lady was going swimming.  Umm, okay kiddo.  I'm pretty certain this must have come from some Sports Illustrated magazine.  Just a guess.  

A close up view.  This was after he corrected her face.  Before, it was more Picasso like b/c the lips were totally sideways.  I know the rip is in a terrible place.  

This one scared me.  LOL.  He copied Max on this one and added his own stuff to it.  Nik said strong to me when I asked him what it was.

This one is one Nik drew all freehand and all on his own.  It's a cobra.  Thought it was pretty cool for a first try.  He is only 9yo remember. 

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