Thursday, April 19, 2012

Nik's drawings

Okay, each week Nik has speech therapy three times a week.  She comes to the house which is awesome.  Every once in awhile he has to draw on these cards so they can practice the words.  She draws a picture and he draws.  They also play memory.  You all know Nik loves detail and loves ahem, Stephen King like drawings.  We all hold our breath when we ask him to draw something.  I mean really, can anything morbid or psychotic come out of simple words?  Well, I think you'd be surprised.  I'll show you a few.  And no, the kid does not need psychiatric help.  It's just who he is.  He LOVES anything scary.  Goosebumps, etc.

#1 is ham.  I do not think I would want to eat that ham.  Yuck!  # 2 is yum.  It's a gingerbread house scene.  #3 on the bottom is drum.  He told me someone is playing so loud that blood is coming out their ears.  That's what is coming out of the person standing next to the drum...blood.  Lovely son.  #4 is mom.  He drew me and him and a buddy holding an Easter Bunny.  

 #1 is fan.  Notice someone blowing the other person away w/ a fan?  #2 is fish.  Someone is being eaten by a fish.  #3 really is fine.  A table full of food.  Word was food.  #4 is fork.  Not sure why someone is going down a bounce house. 

Okay, #1 left top, is the word hat.  Someone is being crushed by the hat.  Picture 2 is top right.  Word is hit.  He drew Alex and Nik. I'm sure you can figure the rest out.  #3 is everyone eating birthday cake at the table.  Not sure why the birthday person is sad.  #4 is a classic.  The word was fat. And yes, that is me.  Sick sense of humor kid.  A scene from Willy Wonka.  

#1 is hot.  (top left).  Alex is going to be burned apparently.  #2 is sit.  I'm not sure but looks like some sort of interrogation.  And in case you're wondering, those are bellies, not boy parts.  LOL.  #3 is bite.  A shark is coming up and eating someone off the pier.  #4 is cat.  A cat is attacking Alex.  Guess the cat needs to go back to Pet Cemetery. 

These are just really a few of them.  I promise he doesn't always think this way. I really should take more pictures of the sweet stuff he does.  But these are just more interesting than the hearts and bears.  So much detail for a tiny piece of paper.  The kid has quite the imagination.  I will take some pictures that he drew just today.  My trouble now is he wants to draw whatever Max draws.  Well, his brother can draw just about anything.  Today, Nik found one of Max's old drawings.  A lady in a bikini.  I glance in the dining room and Nik has taped Max's drawing to the window and is trying to copy it.  Not trace it but draw like him.  The woman's face looked like a Picasso.  It was great.  This clearly was copied from some sort of sports illustrated page or something.  I tried to explain to Nik he needs to draw other things.  LOL.  Hey, it could have been worse, I know.  Nik just did not understand why I didn't want him to draw the lady in a bathing suit.  So, he went onto drawing a soccer field and then some weight lifters.  I keep asking him or Max to draw me a flower.  Neither one ever has.  Boys.  Pictures this weekend of some of Nik's recent artwork.  He's moving past stick figures.  Wahoo!!! 

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