Monday, April 16, 2012

Nik's drawings

Nik is now obsesses with moving.  All the kids are.  They are ready.  At a good point in our lives where moving would be the best thing for everyone and not to mention the fact that everyone has accepted it and is ready to move should the time come.  Our focus in the next few weeks will be solely on selling the house.  Kids are well aware of this.  Next weekend is a work on the house kind of weekend for us.  More to come soon on all this.  Thought I'd share what Nik is up to.

This is what Nik said our house will look like.  Wow, three stories...I'm impressed.  Kind of has that Adam's feel doesn't it?  LOL.  

Okay, so he had just started these floor plans.  Have to take one of the finished product.  The round thing on the left is a staircase w/ a slide.  But Summer can no go on it b/c she'll be too scared is what he told me.  LOL.  This is a side view of the floor plans btw.  Back half (right side) is 12 rooms.  2 of those are bathrooms.  So, girls' bathroom and a boys' bathroom.  10 of those are rooms.  Thing on the top in the middle is a movie room he told me w/ seating all around so everyone can sit down.  Yes, seating is a current issue at times.  Though no one wants to share a couch.  Go figure.  Front door is on the left side of the paper.  Opens to a big living room he told me w/ a fireplace.  

Got to admit, he's using his imagination.  Now, to concentrate on selling.  Upcoming weeks, that's all we'll be concentrating on for sure.  Need to go make some spaghetti tonight.  Quickie meal this evening b/c we've just been busy w/ the social worker today so no meat prep time went on.  More pictures later, a bit about our visit (never dull here!), and a bit about our weekend. 

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