Tuesday, April 24, 2012

New link for Summer

This should work.  I say should.  I've tried it and takes you right to Summer.  The one from yesterday goes to another kid.  Not sure what's going on but trying to fix it.  Here's the link to vote for Summer.   Please share.  http://photos.parents.com/parents-cover-contest-2012/17/2012.  The link to Summer changes with votes so you have to look for "Summer on the Steps".  

With all the glitches, she is way, way behind of course.  Trying to catch her up.  Thanks again.  More to come.  Kids and I are cleaning today and more science.  Reading is done.  Speech therapist comes shortly.  Irina is working again.  Kind of bummed b/c was hoping to do some errands w/ her today.  Need her help at times to corral them.  Car needs inspecting but standing in a small space w/ them can be a recipe for disaster at times.  LOL.  If Irina has off tomorrow, we'll get errands done.  Enjoy your day everyone.  Vote for Summer!  She'd look awesome on a magazine, especially being the fashionista she is.

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