Monday, April 23, 2012

My Bulgarian Beauty

Well, I thought that since my daughter is just gorgeous, I should enter her in a contest!  Though all my kids are beautiful, this has an age limit since it's with Parents magazine.  If you vote for Summer, she has the chance to win for the week!  And, once those kids win for the couple weeks they're doing the contest, then they're entered into the bigger one where the people from Parents magazine judge.  Right now, the weekly one is just the most votes by folks.  Please vote.  If she won it would be a great way to spread the word about so many things.  Not to mention sending a magazine back to Bulgaria with Summer on the cover would be SO cool.  It really would.  She's such a beautiful little girl w/ so much spirit and life in her.  Want to share her w/ the world.  Please share the link also if you'd like.  Just a heads up, they seem to be having issues w/ their server. It's been on and off all day w/ server error.  Hoping it passes quickly.  Please don't give up!  Here's the link:  My Bulgarian Beauty! 

BTW, thanks for all the input on the photos.  #10 seem to be the unanimous vote on here and facebook.  Didn't have time to have anyone touch it up though I had a few volunteers who said they'd do it.  Thanks a bunch.  Just hoping they get the server fixed in time.  Pass the link around if you don't mind.  More to come but have a ton to do this evening.  Did I mention I really am ready for Camp Cheerio?

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  1. I scrolled through the photos on the site, forward and backward...I couldnt find her. Do you have a link that will take us directly to her?