Monday, April 30, 2012

Manic Monday

I know I didn't write all weekend.  Rather busy and not to mention in pain.  So, do a few bullet points of what's happening and then later tonight, post a bit more. 

  • Sprained my knee and in one of those immobilizers and crutches.
  • Yana made conference for track.
  • House downstairs is finally cleaned.  Like spring cleaned.
  • Need to develop a homeschool curriculum for next year.
  • Bojan and Alyona get casts off tomorrow.
  • Bojan's concert is tomorrow night.
  • Soccer practice is tomorrow night.
  • Can't pick Yana up from track this week. Trying to figure it out.
  • So far behind, can't catch up it seems.
  • Need a break w/ Camp Cheerio.
  • Need to order meds for a few of the kids.
  • Getting the pool ready for swimming.  Still green.  It's a process.
  • We all worked hard this weekend on the yard.
  • Neighbor is building a fence.  Never had neighbors w/ fences before.
  • Kids want to move.  Not sure we'll be able to.  Found out this weekend about quite a few foreclosures in our own neighborhood.  
  • Warren has cardiology appt. this week.  Routine.  
  • 4 of us have eye appointments this week.  3 of us will most likely need new glasses...ouch on the wallet.  
  • I have a bunch of thank yous I have yet to get to and feeling guilty about that.
  • Camera is not working....again.  
  • Going to get to 90 this week here.  
  • Still have yet to hear from IRS on the audit.  Did get a partial refund back.  Need it all to do some necessary repairs though.  
  • Thanks to all who voted for Summer.  No luck but hey, we get a free subscription to Family Fun magazine.  They always have tons of ideas in there so actually looking forward to that.
  • Didn't sleep much w/ knee the way it is.  
  • Switching to a new way of living.  More on that later.
  • Lost 4 lbs. last week.  Probably won't lose any this week due to forced sedentary lifestyle.  LOL.  
  • Need to test the homeschoolers. 
  • Called.  NO classes for Alyona for middle school so she'll have to be homeschooled unless I want her in life skills (she exceeds this category) or inclusion (won't work for her).  So, she and many others are "stuck."  She has plateaued in learning at this point anyhow so not sure how I want to approach things next year.
  • Have decided not to do guardianship of our oldest.  Hard, hard, hard decision to make.  
  • 3 of my kids need to get their licenses.  
  • Told by other parents that for a kid to be in high school band here, it is around $3,000 out of parents' pockets.  We're thinking that is nuts!  BTW, this is PUBLIC school and not private folks.  Asking around for new school stats as this was from the previous high school none of ours attend now.  Want to be prepared for Bojan.
  • Much more going on.  
Well that sums up a portion.  More later today on what all went on this weekend.  Actually got a few pictures.  I wish Irina were here today and not at work but it is what it is.  We'll survive.  I just won't have as fast a response time.  Like this morning when Summer and Nik painted all the Barbies' hair w/ nail polish.  And the floor.  Never dull though, right?

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