Monday, April 23, 2012

Manic Monday

Again, another weekend gone by and not enough accomplished.  Hey,  always next weekend.  Thought I'd do a quick list of what's happening here and what we've got coming up.  So, here goes.

  • Bojan's trumpet is in the shop.  Gets it back this week.
  • We are so tired of casts.  
  • Some very generous hearts we encountered this weekend.
  •  Those Krispy Kreme donuts were great!  
  • We all watched Fresh  and also watched Forks over Knives on Netflix.
  • Have decided to slowly transition to a whole food plant based diet.  No laughing please.  More on all this in a separate post.  Had to get a new vacuum.  URGHH!!!
  • Kids vacuumed everything including the baseboards.  Today, they were fighting over who got to sweep up the dirt as we had to get a new broom too.
  •  Jeff cooked us some awesome food.  Ate 2 gallons of soup yesterday.
  • We all have spring fever bad.
  • Logan has a dentist appointment this week.
  • Yana has track.  Going to see her meet on Thursday.
  • Kids have clubs.
  • Still on the fence of letting the boys re-join soccer.  
  • Logan has learned his lesson.  Alex is being a jerk. Sorry but it's the truth.
  • All of us are ready for Camp Cheerio.
  • I totally missed signing up Alyona for Special Olympics.  Kicking myself.  First year she's missed.  You better believe next year we're going.
  • Alyona will not be able to go to middle school here.  There are no classes for her.  She will have to be homeschooled again.
  • Way behind on stuff.
  • Selling a few things on Craigslist.  
  • Clearing some more clutter.
  • Making our own bread for the first time today.  Let you know how it goes.
  • Wondering if my daughter's mother thinks about her or is worried since the news about Pleven was in the national papers there.  Been on my mind a lot.  Want her to know her daughter is happy and healthy.  
  • Thinking about birth parent and sibling searches for a few of our kids.  
  • Lots of errands this past weekend.  We really enjoyed it though.
  • Summer ate lipsmackers chapstick last night.  Yuck!  She's fine.
 So, a bit going on.  I'll have more later.  Got to check their math though.  Then, finishing up our lapbook on Earth Day.  They've really enjoyed it.  All voted to study dinosaurs next so in May we'll be studying dinosaurs.  And reviewing everything else we've done in science this semester as well as finishing up any unfinished folders.  Didn't want to go anywhere today so we're not.  Though may have to end up at Walmart later for a few staples.  If this bread recipe works, we will not go back to buying bread.  We'll be baking our own. Hope it works.  Summer is feeling blah today but honestly think she's just super tired.  She had a terribly busy weekend.  Got to get going here.  Going to be a good week.  I can feel it.  Casts come off in 8 days!  Kids are very excited about that as they should be.  Been awhile now. 

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