Monday, April 16, 2012

Manic Monday

Well, quite a busy weekend but finally a good busy.  Saturday we were at soccer from 8:30am to 4pm.  L-O-N-G day.  Gorgeous out though.  Came home, let the dogs out and off to the bonfire at the farm.  My batteries died in the camera but did get a few shots I'll share later.  Figured I'd do a quick manic Monday post.

  • Social worker comes today for PPR.
  • Gone all weekend so did no clean up.
  • A/C is fixed and feels good.  Going to be 85 today here.
  • Nik has neuro appt. tomorrow.  Asking about autism.  
  • Soccer practices Tuesday and Thursday.
  • Church clubs on Wednesday.
  • Saturday, soccer games.
  • Invited to an awesome church luncheon next weekend.  Checking on it.
  • Sent IRS receipts in.  Praying all goes well.
  • House for sale.  Major advertising needs to be done.  Need more hours.
  • Alyona has been relegated to sleeping on the floor for a week.  Downstairs.  And for the FIRST time in weeks, we've had NO issues upstairs.  Yep, she's the catalyst.  Need a solution after this week.
  • No one feels like doing school, including me.
  • Looking very forward to Camp Cheerio.
  • Nik is diligently drawing up plans for the new house.
  • Organized the boys' clothes this weekend. URGHH!!!
  • FASD Support group meeting tomorrow.  Not sure we can attend yet.
  • Trying to get homeschool EOY testing organized.  
  • The teen girls have reached an all new high of disagreements.  We have contemplated taking away individual rooms and making them share again.
  • Spring fever has hit everyone hard.
  • Waiting for endocrinology results for the girls.
  • Casts are getting old around here.  
  • Nik's staple needs to come out this week.
  • Bus for Bojan broke again today.  This time, in front of the house.  The lift keeps breaking on it.  
  • I pick Yana up from track all week.
  • Going to go to her meet tomorrow pending weather holds out for us.
  • Lots of decisions to be made soon.  
  • Bojan's trumpet needs fixing.  Needs to be priority soon as concert is in 2 weeks.  
  • Warren dropped Bojan's leg off for repair.  
  • Garden is growing.  
Lots to get done today before social worker comes out.  School stuff.  She knows us well enough to know that the house can be clean one minute and literally ten minutes later you're asking "where did that come from ?"  Kids are drawing all kinds of house designs for the new house.  We already know what it's going to look like but let them have some fun w/ it.  Warren still keeps reiterating the fact that just b/c there are 12 bedrooms, does not mean we'll have to bring another home. LOL.  Men, always thinking ahead.  My kids have taken artistic license.  A slide in the house.  A fire pit.  Pool.  Soccer field and too many other things to name.  It is interesting to say the least.  Hey, anything to get them motivated to clean up this one.  Anyhow, need to go.  Enjoy your week.  I'll definitely have more posts this evening.  Lots to say, lots going on.  Lots on the mind.  But, school is calling, social worker visit and the like.  This is our ONLY day that we don't have to be anywhere.  We're staying put!  

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