Monday, April 9, 2012

Manic Monday

Way too much going on.  So, going to do bullet points and speed this up.  LOL. 
  • Woke up and my face is a mess.  Remember that scene from Hitch??  I'm a version of that except not swollen.  Not sure if it's a severe allergic reaction to something or what but I look hideous!  Not exaggerating either.  Kids have said eeeww mom!  What happened?!"  Too afraid to go out in public.  It's that bad.  Starting to move down my neck a little bit too.  Does NOT itch. However, it stings.  Weird.  Watching it yet staying away from mirrors.
  • Spring  break is over.  Back to school.
  • Bojan is still home.  We are at a stand still w/ the school.  They are saying his wheel chair is not crash approved.    Nice one, huh?  He's used this one during every other surgery and we've never had a problem before.
  • Logan went to neurology w/ Warren this morning & given the all clear!
  • Teens are grounded.  Long story.  
  • church clubs start back up this Wednesday.  Kids are excited.
  • soccer in full swing this week w/ gorgeous weather. 
  • working on getting more docs/ receipts to the IRS ASAP so that we can get our refund.
  • Alyona has an endocrine appt.  Not sure what will come of it.  Wait and see I guess.  Summer will get a blood draw again to check her sodium levels.  If they are still high, we figure out what's going on with her which I'm sure will involve some kidney check as well.
  • making more appointments for folks around here.
  • house is for sale.  Working on advertising this week.
  • Easter was low key.  Still haven't done the Easter Egg hunt even though we have the eggs stuffed and ready to go.  
  • have to order testing material for homeschoolers.  Legally, I have a year to test from the time they start school.  I'm not testing the Bulgarian kids b/c they won't even be able to read the questions fully yet.  So, Alyona, Alex, Nik will be tested.  They had accomadations of all sorts in school so not sure yet how I'm handling this.  Got to figure it out and like yesterday.  
  • we have had a generous donor offer for us to go to Deaf Camp this May.  I will write a separate post on this as it deserves a post of its' own.  
  • had hot dogs for Easter dinner.  Yeh, things didn't go as planned yesterday.  Today, we're having ham, mashed potatoes and the like.  
  • adoption documentary people may come visit in July to meet us.  Filming is in August for about 4 days.  Umm, not sure if I told you all of this one yet.  
Much more happening for sure.   Those are just a few highlights.  I will have much more later this evening but truly, we have school to do today.  I've been trying to make lots of phone calls to get things accomplished.  If I just had a few more hours, that would be great.  I'm regretting not eating right yesterday.  Feel sluggish today.  I'm in a chocolate coma I do believe.  So far today I had a banana for breakfast and veggie fajita for lunch.  Yeh, I think there's some guilt.  LOL.  Got to go and get more done.  More to come later w/ pictures for sure.

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  1. Hi Stephanie. I have no right to complain about being busy compared to you....Just saw your post on testing. The easiest and quickest test is the CAT, available from Seton Testing. You can test whatever grade you like...So, if a student is in 6th grade, but doing 5th grade work, give him a 5th grade test. The kids do not know...the test is a "level", it will not say "5th grade". You can also make accomodations as you see fit. For several years in elementary grades, I photocopied the test and let my son mark his answers directly on the test, then bubbled in for him, then destroyed the test copy. Please call me if you have questions....we have done just about every test (Iowa, CAT, PASS, Woodcock-Johnson, ACT/SAT).

    Hope to see you at Spring Camp!

    Holly S