Monday, April 2, 2012

Manic Monday

Oh my goodness.  What a weekend and week it has been.  Already.  Honestly, it has been non-stop around here and just trying to catch up on daily activities has been hard.  I'll try to do a quick run down.  Have a few posts coming up but one thing at a time here.  Yeh, right. 

Reni's 10th b-day is today.  Whole post about that next.

A/C is not working right.  Have to call someone.  Praying for a simple fix.

Worked on the outside of the house all day today.  Starting to look good.  Have banned kids from playing soccer in the yard so that we can get grass to grow.  They've kicked it all up.

Yana and Irina worked today.  Off tomorrow & that's great b/c need their help.

Fixed Bojan's wheelchair situation w/the school.

Fixed Nik's insurance problem w/ speech therapy. 

Need to get the van yesterday! 

Got the lovely IRS letter.  Dated today but got it on Saturday.  According to the letter, they are reviewing our return for 45 days.  Will request more items if they need it.  So, where it stands, we may not be able to go to deaf camp.  If the return doesn't come back (which according to their time frame it won't) then we can't go to camp.  The tax return is how we pay for it every year.  Kids are crushed we might not go.  So am I.  We learn SO much there to benefit Nik.  Hard.  I know many others who've gotten this letter.  Some, had to hire attorneys to get their refund back.  Not what we need right now.

Been a lot of stress around here lately.  Gee, can't imagine why.

Easter is Sunday.  Nothing out. Nothing bought.  Not even an M & M in this house.  LOL.

No medical appointments this week.  However, I'm watching a child over spring break. 

Weather is gorgeous here.

Bojan is on my nerves.  Being honest here.  In fact, he's getting on everyone's lately.  I'm pretty sure it's the confinement.  We have taken him out of the house to prevent cabin fever and such but he's ready to walk again and I can understand that. However, that does not justify the attitude.  Of course, could just be 13yo boy attitude if you know what I mean.

Irina bought herself and ipod touch w/ some of her earnings.  She has enjoyed it very much. 

Making a photo album for a friend to take to Kardzhali with her when she picks up her daughter. 

Still no word on Reni & Logan's bio sib in Bulgaria.  It will take a few weeks so no big deal.

Social worker will be coming out soon.  Love to show her the changes in the kids.

Summer is potty trained...sort of.  Had one accident in the last few days so not bad at all in my opinion. 

Soccer is in full swing.

Many things happening and I really haven't listed it all.  Playing catch up.

Selling the house and tons to do with that.

More to come for sure.  Kids to bed took priority.  Enjoy your week everyone. 

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  1. We got the same letter. Came on Friday, but dated today. GRRRR.