Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Lots going on

I know I haven't been as prompt at keeping up w/ the blog this week.  Turned out to be a busier week than I thought.  Tonight we're going to church clubs shortly.  Someone wrote and wants to come look at the house.  So, massive pick up and hide it in our future tomorrow.  Casts come off next week.  Yana's track meet is tomorrow.  We're going.  Pictures for sure.  Just  a ton going on.  Please vote for Summer if you get a chance.  Here's her new link & everyone says it's working:

She moved from #8369 to # 35!  So the votes are working.  You can vote once a day. 

I will hopefully have more posts this evening and more pictures.  Like I said, just been crazy busy.  Totally forgot about Bojan's leg.  Called today to see if it was ready.  He needs it before he gets the cast off.  His trumpet is still not ready. 

Logan went to the dentist today.  What they thought were cavities were actually dirty teeth.  This is very, very common w/ older orphanage kids.  They cleaned them up and sealed them.  He's been to the dentist here already but our dentist doesn't like to traumatize them on the first visit.  He did great.  Got the car inspected afterwards and went to the bank.  Did errand running this morning since Irina didn't have to work till the afternoon.  If she has off another day, we're going strawberry picking.  Much more going on.  Got to run. 

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