Friday, April 27, 2012

Little learners

Homeschooling elementary kids this year truly has been trial and error.  I think next year we'll make huge gains as we know what works and what doesn't now.  Takes awhile to figure that one out.  All mine have so many learning issues that takes time too to understand how to get the most benefits out of what you're doing.  We do lapbooks now which the kids love and actually pay attention to.  That's how they learned most their multiplication facts.  Remember, these are kids w/ tons of memory issues and those just learning English.  Hands on is great too.  The other day we did a unit on Earth Day.  Talks about pollution, gardens, compost, water cycle, etc.  Lots of info.  So, decided to take them right outside for a short lesson.  Talked about recycling, composting, gardening and how the seeds grow, etc.  Just tons of info. Also, how we get things from the earth to eat.  They were excited about how mother nature can provide all sorts of things.  You thought I'd have given them liquid gold that day when I let them eat honeysuckles.  Our yard is covered in them. 

 Kids trying out some honeysuckles.  Our fence is covered in them.  Smells wonderful every spring.

Alyona trying to figure out what Logan is doing.  They told us they used to do this in Bulgaria as well.  They said that but then couldn't figure out how to get the honey out so not so sure they did that over there.  

Everyone trying a taste.  

Reni, tryign to find some that are not yellow.  

Summer, showing off her honeysuckle.  

Showed them how plants can grow beautiful and big.  And, how you can reuse the plants by cutting them in half and planting them in other spots in the yard.

Showed them the grapes starting to grow.

 Just a few of the many grapevines we have growing in the yard.

Kids searching for more honeysuckles up the front yard.  We have them growing all along side our property.  It's beautiful in spring.  

Summer, very proud of herself.

The homeschoolers showing their smiles and honeysuckles.  Older boys goofing off of course.

Showed them the replanted mums from fall.  We get mums for the mailbox every year.  Then, slowly replant them around the yard and they come back up.  Reuse.  

Just was a day of learning.  Was so nice outside, it's great to be able to experience some learning hands on.  They got invited by a fellow blog reader to go to a lab.  He's a paleontologist!  We're studying dinosaurs next month.  Very excited.  Well, got to run.  Soccer is very soon and Warren is running late.  Need to make sure we're all ready to go.  More to come this weekend.  I may actually catch up.  probably not but I'll give it a shot. 

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