Thursday, April 12, 2012

How are the sisters doing??

Well, for this, I'll refer to mainly the three younger sisters.  See, Yana and Irina are teenagers and yes, they'll hang out w/ their sibs every once in awhile but not all the time for sure.  So, this post will be mostly about how the 3 younger girls have acclimated to each other.  Before, Alyona was the youngest girl.  Now, she has 2 more sisters younger than her.  Last year, Alyona was extremely lonely.  Has been for awhile.  See, she was in a special ed classroom and well, there aren't that many other classmates to play with or interact with on a regular basis.  Not too many friends to play with. And, her sisters were both much older than her so hanging out w/ them was not too much of an option either. 

So, when Reni and Summer came home, I was hoping a connection may form. And boy, has it ever!  Reni and Alyona are two peas in a pod.  Connected at the hip for the most part.  Where one goes, the other will follow.  They'll help each other.  Love each other.  Always want to be together.  Yes, they go through their rough patches but boy are they really close. Their relationship is quite similar to Bojan and Max's sibling relationship.  Alyona and Reni are super duper close.  They have bunk beds yet prefer to sleep in the same bed at night.  Well, not when they're mad at each other. LOL.  And yes, they will get mad at each other from time to time. It would be abnormal to me if they didn't.  Both are very protective of each other. 

What I also like about their relationship is that they are always willing to include Summer.  Summer fits in about anywhere.  Though for Summer, she and Nik have become extremely close as well.  They both love to swing together and go on the trampoline together.  Nik is very cautious about Summer when she falls and very curious if she's okay when she gets hurt.  He will actually apologize to her if he does something wrong.  Something he won't do to the rest of us.  Summer is close also w/ her sisters though they tend to try to boss her around. 

Overall, the bonds are very strong with the sisters three.  Older girls will do the younger ones nails and go for a walk with them.  They do hang out but it is not a daily thing as it is with the other 3 younger sisters.  And that's to be expected with teenagers that have other obligations outside the home such as work and sports.  Anyhow, just wanted to share how the sisters are getting along. 

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