Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Horror movie extra????

Well, at this point in time, I do believe Nik should qualify for a horror movie extra.  Why do I say that?  Let's just take a look and do some explaining.  Warning, if squeamish, don't look.  LOL.  (not horrible).

This is Nik's neck shortly after it happened.  My son is kind of twisted in the fact that he asks for a picture of any injury/ cut/ whatever occurs so that he can see it.  Hence, why I have pictures.  Kid can be covered in blood yet, he wants me to take a picture.  It's nuts.  But, part of it is just kid curiosity so he can see it.  

This is the same spot today.  Any guesses as to how this one happened??  Remember, he's ALL BOY.  He decided to tie the swings together.  with a rope.  Then, I'm guessing he twisted them up some how and got tangled.  He and Summer were out there together and that's the best translation I got from either of them. 

He came in today with this 'war wound.'  Asked him what happened.  This time, older boys were there so got a little clearer story.  On the trampoline and did a flip.  Hit the metal.  First trampoline injury we've had in YEARS.  And we've had that thing for at least 5 years or so.  Once I cleaned it up, was on the fence about going to the doc or not.  Speech therapist was here and she said the same thing.  Could go either way.  But, to err on the side of caution, decided to take him.  I took him up to urgent care.  Irina went w/ me this time.  You know you have teens when all they can talk about is the cute young doctor that saw Nik.  You know you're a parent when you don't even remember what the guy looked like but rather what he said about the wound.  Anyhow, he said the same thing as me.  Could go either way.  So, he got stapled.  One staple, no numbing.  Nik was a trooper.  

After our staple experience, we went to deposit Irina's paycheck.  Taught her a few things.  Then, decided Nik was a real trooper and this called for that special thing that makes all things good in the universe.... a Wendy's Frosty.  So, just got Nik his own chocolate Frosty.  He thought he was hot stuff.  LOL.  Came home and told him to just please sit and watch a movie for once.  No going outside.  Gave him Tylenol per doc and he was fine.  

Had soccer practice this evening.  Took all but Irina, Max and Bojan. They wanted to stay home and watch a scary movie.  Something they normally can't do w/ the little kids home.  We all had a good time at soccer.  I even played w/ Summer and Alyona for awhile.   Came home.  Trying to get everyone settled. Nik comes running to me w/ a gash in his leg.  How shin guards could do it, I'll never know.  Cleaned him up and bandaged the walking wounded yet again.  I swear, I need to wrap him in bubble wrap for the next few days.  In soccer, he was doing handstands again. URGHH!!!  

On the way home, we stopped by Lowes Foods.  Warren stayed in the van w/ the kids.  Yana and I went in.  Scored some great buys despite going in for just lettuce.  Let Yana get a candy bar but told her NOT to tell the other kids.  She tried to hide eating in the car and everyone pipes up "I smell chocolate.  I hear a wrapper."  Nothing wrong w/ their ears!  LOL.  While in the car, Logan hit Nik in the staple.  Lovely.  Not sure if it was accidental or intentional.  My guess is a bit of both.  So, I now have one w/ staples and two with casts.  We're hoping for clear sailing and no injuries in May.  

Tons going on as usual and tons to get caught up on on this blog.  However, kids do take priority.  I honestly don't see how some people do things w/ all the technology they have.  I don't do twitter.  Don't have a cell phone.  Don't do pinterest though secretly I'm dying to. LOL.  I'm afraid I'll get addicted.  And, being that I have yet to have a gingerbread house turn out, I think I can forget about scouting any more crafts that would lead to another epic fail on my part.  Currently w/ our science project on the counter, only half worked out.  Oh well.  Never claimed to be super mom or Martha Stewart.  My kids have me.  And some days they swear that's too much!  Working on posts but have to print out some lapbook stuff for kids' projects tomorrow. 

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