Tuesday, April 10, 2012

The heart of gold

I would like to tell you about something that transpired last week.  Sorry, been busy or I would have told you immediately.  As some have figured out by now, we use our tax money every year to attend Cue Camp (my kids call it deaf camp) in May.  This year, I had to tell the kids that due to the refund not coming any time soon (we're an adoptive family being audited just like many others), we will most likely not be able to attend Deaf Camp.  They literally look forward to this all year long and count down the days after Christmas.  For us, it has been a lifesaver to attend every year.  We go to workshops and learn so, so much to help Nik reach his fullest potential. I can not even begin to tell you how much we need this each and every single year.  This year we felt it was vital to go as we're at a crossroads with Nik in many areas. In addition, this was going to be Irina's first year as a volunteer to the little kids at camp.  Also, a friend of ours is going to be the ASL interpreter there.  So, as you can imagine, it was like being crushed when I told them the news. 

Well, later, I received an email from a lady that attends the camp too.  She is the sweetest thing.  When I opened the email, I started to cry.  Tried not to get too emotional b/c some of my kids have issues and mom crying would not help too much whether they're happy tears or not.  They can't process it.  Anyhow, I started to cry.  Sweetest words came across that page in front of me.  I just gasped.  Everyone was asking what's going on mom?  What's happening.  I told them you get to go to Camp Cheerio this year.  I wish I could have recorded that moment. I really do.  It was worth seeing.  So much joy, I just couldn't describe it and give it justice.  See, 'B'(not sure if she would want me to use her name or not), offered to donate our fee for camp.  This financial blessing is more than just going to camp.  It is peace of mind.  It is learning ways to help Nik.  It is much, much needed relaxation with friends.  It is too many things to name.  We have never walked away from camp sad or angry or uneducated.  This camp helps to transform lives even though it is just a few days.  I wish I could truly express what this means to all of us.  Her gesture of support for our family.  Her heart is simply a heart of gold.  It truly is.  B has changed our lives for the better to be sure.  It restores hope and faith in you when out of the blue, someone gives a piece of themselves to help others.  We will pay it forward to be sure.  Our hope is to be able to do this for another family. 

 I seriously can not wait till next month when we get to thank this angel in person.  That's what she is in my eyes.  Thank you is just not enough but for now, it is all I have for her.  Just had to share with you about the kindness of others in the world.  If you ever have the ability to help someone in any form or fashion, please give it a go.  It could be anything at all.  Not necessarily monetary things either.  Babysit for someone, offer to run an errand, lend an ear, anything.  You would be very surprised I think that the person receiving the gift is more than grateful.  It means more to them than you'll know.  There are angels among us! 

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