Monday, April 2, 2012

Happy 10th Birthday Reni!!!

Today, April 2nd, is Reni's 10th birthday.  Her first one ever celebrated with a family, with a home.  I wish we could do something really fancy like some folks can.  But sometimes it's nice to just keep it simple as well. So, today we are celebrating with a birthday cake after dinner.  She requested pink icing.  Like her pink.  After dinner, her daddy is coming home from work.  She doesn't know it yet but he's bringing a balloon bouquet, just for her.  He's also got a present, just for her.  See, this is her first time for a just her celebration.  At the orphanage, they celebrated birthdays once a month.  So, I wanted this to be her day.  We may have to do something a little extra this weekend just for her as well.  Was thinking Chuckie Cheese despite me hating that place w/ a passion.  LOL.  May take her to a local bounce house place instead.  I want her to remember that this is her day and she is special.  She however, did not think the 10 spanking tradition w/ a pinch to grow on was a hot idea at first.  However, she quickly learned they were all just playing around.  Logan was hilarious because he was saying oh, they just play?  No hit hard?  We said no, Yana's just playing.  Yana & Reni ended up on the floor laughing.  Reni was laughing so that was good.  She said "but why no hurt me?"  I guess Reni still has some things to learn.  Main one being she won't get hurt.  BTW, she asked who's b-day was next.  I told her Alyona and her eyes lit up.  So, I get to do that to her?  Umm, yes dear.  But, it's for play.  Wheels spinning in her head.  Bottom line, she's having fun and learning a lot.

Once we snap some pictures of her, we'll have to show you.  Reni has come a huge way in such a short time.  We went shopping yesterday at a consignment store and she and Alyona were having a blast trying on clothes.  Reni has no issues expressing her opinion of what she likes and doesn't like.  She also has a sense of safety now that you can scream around her and the child won't move a muscle.  You know, like go clean your room for the 1000th time.  For those who don't know, any loud noises used to terrify her when first home.  And with Nik being deaf, it is really loud in here.  Let alone, there are 12 people here.  Noise is common place here.  She has become so comfortable here, doesn't phase her a bit.  That's good and bad.  Great, b/c now she understands she is safe and okay.  Bad, b/c lately I seem to be being ignored.  Today, made her write lines (it's our punishment sometimes) and she did NOT like it one bit.  Made her write I will follow directions.  She has also learned what it means to be grounded and is very sneaky when she is grounded.  LOL.  Trying to sneak a peek at tv and things like that.  She'll learn.  Takes time. 

This is our birthday girl!  10 years old today if you can believe it.  We were sorting the upstairs toy boxes.  So, ignore the mess.  Concentrate on that beauty.  Reni has the thickest hair of all the girls and a bit naturally curly.  I do believe she enjoyed her day today.  Cake, balloons, mp-3 player.  She has waited a long time for a family but so glad she came to us.  Reni has come a long way and deserves to be celebrated on her birthday.  Happy Birthday Reni!  You are beautiful and will go a long way in life.

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