Saturday, April 21, 2012

Flowers and fruit

It's spring time.  I'm a flower fanatic.  Used to work in a florist shop.  Though I was the office manager, she'd let me design here and there too.  I love flowers and I love color.  This is the season for it. 

 These are a first this year.  I've never seen them before.  Called double blooming impatients or something like that.  Impatients are supposed to be annuals.  However, if you let them go to seed, they come up year after year and spread like crazy.  Our whole front area by the house is covered in them over the next few months.  They are just now starting to come up.

Aren't they gorgeous?!  Love the bright colors.  We have mainly purples and pinks this year of everything so sticking w/ that theme.  Wanted to try these out so got one plant.  Seems to be very hardy and holding up well.  Full of blooms.

Our farmer called us and asked if we wanted to add strawberries to our order.  Umm, yes!  So, got a nice fresh bucket.  We need to go strawberry picking for sure this week.  We have 3 local farms very close to us to pick from.  Last year we got 9 buckets full. Hoping this year to freeze some.  These were delicious.  Yes, they are gone already. Got them yesterday.  Anyone always ask what we can use, answer is always f-o-o-d.  Always.  They go through it like water.

One of our bowls of oranges and apples.

We love the fact the apples come from the NC mountains and don't have wax on them.  A few of these apples did come from the store, hence the sticker, but the rest did not.  We get our produce order every Friday.  Last Friday I missed it b/c of a crazy week.  So, ended up w/ store bought apples.  Notice, they are still there whereas the farmer's produce goes within the first few days.  Our Fugi apples are already gone.  Got them yesterday!  We need an orchard.  LOL.  

The corn on the cob was the best I've had in a long, long time.  Really delicious.  I'm glad we get our produce and know the farmer.  Next best thing to growing your own.  Only thing thus far that's ready in the garden are onions, chives, oregano and lettuce.  Tomatoes are growing but slowly.  My strawberry test plant is actually doing well and so are the beans.  So, we're getting there.  

We just love the colors of spring.  Fresh and vibrant.  Once the camera gets working again, I need to take some pics of the yard and the flowers growing.  Our hostas are about 4' to 5' across now.  Thinking of splitting two of them again this year.  We'll see.  Just noticed today that my iris' are blooming and I have yet to pick some to put on the table.  Maybe do that tomorrow.  Love having my own fresh flowers for a centerpiece.  Enjoy your weekend everyone. 

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