Thursday, April 26, 2012

FAS listserves

Someone sent me a list of listserves for FASD.  Thought I'd share them as I know some of you out there parent kids w/ FASD.  No one group is better than another.  Usually w/ these groups, people find their "fit."  I have a few groups I'm members of.  Some w/ RAD are VERY private just based on the nature of the disorder and some not understanding.  But, most groups or forums I participate in are public and very supportive of parents of children w/ issues.  We all are in the same boat and I think that is what helps.  We understand each other.  Sometimes, venting helps.  Sometimes getting resources helps.  Sometimes knowing you're not alone, helps.  Whatever you are seeking, you can usually find a forum or listserve that will help you better understand your child's needs.  So, here's the list copied and pasted for FASD listserves: 

FASD listservs
(Internet mail lists Canada & international, Ontario, B.C.)

(for persons working in the field of FASD across Canada
 & internationally - news, articles, reports, events)
FASlink(for individuals, parents, professionals who deal with FASD)
Olderfas mail list
(support list for parents & mentors of adults with FASD)
fasdONE(for FASD Ontario Network of Expertise and Ontario FASD committees & coalitions)
(support for Ontario families with children or adults who have FASD)
Fas-bc(FASD listserv for British Columbia run by Dr. Kimberly Kerns at University of Victoria)

Information: Elspeth Ross, FASD educator,

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