Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Endocrinology results

Drum roll please....... ALL NORMAL!!!  You heard that correctly.  All normal for both Alyona and Summer.  Huge relief to say the least.  Made my day.  Now, just have to get Bojan taken care of this week.  Not for bloodwork.  But, he fell out of the wheelchair at school and scraped his stump all up.  It's a mess.  And, it's turning a blackish color.  Now, the wheelchair is black so think that's playing a roll and rubbing off.  But, getting him checked out just in case.  Cleaned up all the scraps.  That's separate from the blackish area.  Want him all healed up before he puts the prosthetic back on.  Other medical news, Nik got his staple out this evening and was thrilled.  Came home and shampooed. 

Kids had church clubs this evening.  I'm pretty angry with Logan and Reni right now.  They're back to testing limits.  So, made it clear that's not accepted and if they talk to you even once again during clubs, you're out.  We also are having issues with Alex lately.  Not sure what his deal is.  When he gets this way, we have to sort if it is RAD cycling through again, his age, growth spurt & meds arent' working, or hormones.  We're working on sorting that out right now.  Usually takes us about two weeks to figure out the cause and then we take care of it from there.  He has not had a med dosage change in years and has grown a ton so I am suspecting that's it.  We'll see. 

Tomorrow is the girls' soccer practice.  Friday, is a soccer game.  Saturday is full of soccer games.  Rest of the weekend, we are working on fixing up the house quite a bit.  Despite the rain that's predicted.  If it does rain, thought about taking the kids to a movie at the cheap seats this weekend.  We have a locally family owned theater that has $3 movie seats. Used to be $2 seats.  Still, a great bargain for a night out w/ the kids every once in a blue moon. 

I still owe a post on the farm we went to.  I promise in the next day or two it will be up.  A few have asked about it.  Just been one of those busy weeks.  Report cards came out.  Bojan did excellent.  Yana did excellent except in one class.  She admitted she could do better.  Max did well except for one class.  Class that I told the school what would happen if he took it.  Sure enough, it's happening.  When on when will they ever listen to parents in an IEP meeting?  Never.  URGHH!!!  I'll be calling tomorrow & inquiring what's happening.  Amazing, I have not heard an utter word from the teacher lately.  Kids do not have long before school's out.  I want it to end on a good note.

Lots going on at Chaos Manor.  As usual.  Next few days, I'll attempt to finish up some posts I've had.  Never seems to get done.  Hey, always said kids come first.  Blog is sort of dead bottom of the list.  Why do you think I don't twitter or do pinterest?  Afraid I'll get too much time taken away.  Sounds silly but the kids are constantly growing up and don't want to be in front of a screen and miss it.  I see people at the park talking on the phones or texting as the kids play.  Gets to me.  It does.  I mean how long do you really get to push them on the swings?  Don't ever take it for granted.  Ever.  These years are just too precious.  Anyhow, sidetracked.

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