Friday, April 13, 2012

Easter 2012 (part III)

Time to finish up what we did Easter Sunday.  We really did have a great time. 

Warren getting ready to give the girls a good spin.  Human centrifuges.  

Max looking rather stoic up there.  Wish he would have smiled.  

Logan and Nik on this really cool contraption.  

Reni, going for quite a spin.  Don't let the looks fool you...this thing goes fast!

Alyona, laughing her heart out.  None of them even threw up.  LOL.  

Max and Alex giving it a go.  This park was so cool.  

Summer had to be like her sisters.  

Logan, not getting enough of all the spinning action at this park.  

Nik, enjoying the climb.  This park is awesome b/c it is shaded.  We want these shades for our entire yard!  

 Alex, hanging around.

Not to be out done, Reni, trying her turn at it.

Well, after such a long, hot few hours at the park, we needed to get our fill of ice cold slushies.  We even decided to take 2 home to the homebodies that decided not to join our fun.  Yana  and Irina.  I think after everyone talking about it though, they kind of regretted it.  Park is geared for folks of ALL ages which makes it great.  Slushies surely did hit the spot.  Last year, they were .69.  This year, .99.  Inflation.  LOL.  We did have a really nice Easter though.  Just was a great day to spend some time together.  

Looking forward to a really awesome weekend.  Yana and Irina are working tomorrow.  We're going to soccer all day and Max and Bojan will be home.  Their choice.  After the long day, going to the farm for some r & r and a bonfire w/ friends.  Can't wait!  Enjoy your weekend everyone.  Can't say I'll get any posts done tomorrow as frankly, I just want to enjoy the day.  No technology.  Just a good time watching the kids and enjoying company of friends. 

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