Friday, April 13, 2012

Easter 2012 (part II)

Well, after all that sugar, we needed to walk it off.  It was the most beautiful day out w/ lots of sunshine.  So, we decided to try a new park  that we haven't been to before.  It was beautiful and close in Garner.  Had some trails and two playgrounds.  So, went for a short hike first and then on the playgrounds. 

 They had various nature information along the way for the kids to read and study.  Very interesting and think we learned a few things.

 Some of the boys dragging behind.  They weren't too happy b/c I told them we're hiking first and then going on the playgrounds. 

 Big brother and little sister.

Thought this was a nice mosaic to remember what happened here at the Conagra Food plant where they made beef jerky and things of that nature.  It exploded and some lost their lives.  The plant shut down and they are still determining what to do w/ it.  Last I heard was the city "may" turn it into a park.  

I demanded Bojan get out for some fresh air.  Boy, was he glad he did.

Nik, Summer and Max enjoying a break.  

 Alex and Reni w/ coach Alyona looking on.  She loves telling people what to do.

A simple childhood delight.  

Dad helping Logan out who tended to be a little chicken. 

Alex, in trouble.  He ran up the slide and really not setting an example for anyone & there were younger kids there.  So, he could not finish playing on this playground.  He had to wait till we went to the other one.  Unfortunately, sometimes lessons have to be learned when it's not so fun.  

The sisters are always hand in hand.  They definitely needed each other and are good for each other.  Now, should I snap a shot when they're fighting??  

It was just a beautiful day.  I'll have more pictures later.  Making cupcakes for soccer tomorrow.  Kids are watching a movie and vegging out.  Warren will come home and make us subs for dinner.  Spaghetti just did not feel right on a day like today.  Now, to try and convince everyone we need to clean up the house.  More to come later.  We're full of pictures still.

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