Thursday, April 12, 2012

Easter 2012 (part 1)

I know I'm a bit late in posting many things.  Hey, I'm trying to catch up.  Does that at least account for something?  So, these are some shots from last Sunday. 

Our Easter tub.  It's too hard any more to do individual baskets.  So, we fill up a tub that can be used outside then later for toys.  

After reassuring the kids that the dogs won't eat the Easter Bunny, they went to sleep so they could wake up way to early for human kind.  

Everyone slowly pulling out all the goodies and seeing what they were.  Summer is especially fascinated with the nail polish kit in her hands.  

Oooh, I think I like these!  Notice Alex not being too enthused?

 Checking out all the loot.  Alex is just ready to go play w/ his new soccer ball.

 Anything left in the tub. 

Can we say sugar coma??  Bright and early in the morning too.  Each kid got a chocolate rabbit of their own and then all other candy was to share.  2 of my kids tried to stash and grab in their rooms.  Don't they know better by now?

The girls testing out the nail polish kit.  

Ahh, sweet success w/ nail polish.

My little fashionista dressing herself again.  Hey, pants are on right this time.  I think the flip flops make the ensemble.  

This was the first part of our day.  Candy was for breakfast that morning.  Well, tons to do.  So, this I think is post 5 today.  Must stop.  LOL.  Work to be done. 

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  1. Could be boots for Easter...she's beautiful (they all are!)