Monday, April 30, 2012

Crutches, cleaning and creativity

Well, I'm on crutches.  Not sure how I did it.  Just know all I was doing was working on the yard w/ everyone else.  We did manage to get a lot done before this happened.  So, now we just have some bags of mulch sitting out there.  Nothing is broken.  If not better in a few days, then it will be off to a specialist.  So, for now. suppose to take it easy.  Didn't want to be outdone by the kids you know.  LOL.  In an immobilizer that keeps falling off and on crutches.  Good news is Bojan and Alyona get casts off tomorrow.  Hoping we'll all be mobile when we go to Camp Cheerio.  Time will tell. 

The other day, we had to clean.  big time clean b/c someone was supposed to come look at the house.  Caught Nik and Summer cleaning the fridges.  She looks stunned.  

Of course he'll stop for a picture.  Nik and Summer are starting to get really close.  AND, he's starting to actually try to talk to her.  Talk.  Yes, talk!  

Some of the kids trying to get things put away in the living room.  I was so proud on Friday b/c they truly did an awesome job.  The house looked awesome!  Looked like humans lived here and not neandrathals.  Today is Monday.  We've tried to keep some of the neat look.  

Ahh, Mr. Creativity.  Sliding down the stairs in the vacuum cleaner box.  Had to unfortunately get a new vacuum.  Kind of cool though as this one doesn't sound like it's going to explode while in use.  In addition, it was full of dirt.  In other words, old vacuum wasn't picking up a thing.  Since it was new, all the kids wanted to use it.  They even vacuumed the baseboards!  BTW, the novelty has worn off already as I asked someone to vacuum yesterday and I heard the all too common "ahh, mom do I have to?"  The other day they were fighting over vacuuming.  Crazy, huh.  

More to tell, more to say.  I must though do a few things today.  We've only done math and reading today.  Getting ready to conquer some science.  We'll actually be finishing two lapbooks today and ready to start our dinosaur unit tomorrow.  I think we are actually going to do dinosaurs the entire month of May as there is just so much to cover. Plus, kids like it.  Bought 2 kits too.  Can't wait.  Taking it easy somewhat today since I can't do much.  I must also get out stuff for the Bulgarian Reunion.  Has to be done today.  As do a few other things pending.  My plans to catch up were definitely halted yesterday by a doc visit.  Hey, we have more days in this week.  Oh, btw, lost 4 lbs. last week.  Will share later how I'm slowly going to be changing my lifestyle and mainly my diet.  My kids ate vegan sausage today at lunch and LOVED it.  Couldn't believe it wasn't meat when I told them.  Frankly, neither could I.  I've tried stuff in the past that should not have even been classified as food.  Anyhow, I have much more to say about what I'll be doing in another post.  Just had to share some pictures before science.  More later. 

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