Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Can a brother be too nice??

Okay, so the other day Nik said he wanted to paint Summer's nails.  I thought it was the sweetest thing and was going to save it for Thoughtful Thursday.  Ahh, not so fast.  Ulterior motive abounds.  I heard Irina yelling "open the door Nik."  Finally it opened.  Summer said "Nik do it to me."  What did my son do to his sister? 

Why he painted her with nail polish of course.  This picture was taken AFTER much had been taken off already.  It was all kinds of mixed colors.  She had it all over her hands, her face, her arms and her chest.  Why on earth he did that, I'll never know.  Why she let him, I'll never know.  Why I trusted him, I'll never know.  I original thought it was so sweet that he volunteered to do her nails.  Always think of a hidden agenda with these kiddos.

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