Saturday, April 7, 2012

Brotherly love

Yeh, my kids will hate me for this one day.  Oh well.  Sometimes, a picture is worth a thousand words.  You know, mostly the boys stay to themselves as do the girls.  They'll hang out together playing soccer or something but that's about it. 

Caught Reni and Alex actually sharing a chair together.  See, sometimes they do actually get along.  LOL.  

 Yep, blackmail pictures for when they're older.  The boys were mocking the girls here.  Such brotherly love.  LOL.  Later, Logan was teaching Alex and Alyona how to tie the knot on your head.  Now, Alyona already knows this but she can't do it w/ the cast on her arm. 

 Max, pretending Summer's diaper stinks.  Oh, though doing well w/ potty training, night she is not able to do it quite yet.  Just during the day for now.  Summer though Max's face was hilarious.

 Summer just absolutely adores her oldest brother.  She loves him to pieces.

Summer, yet again requesting Max put her to bed.  Just another example of brotherly love.  

Tomorrow is Easter.  We were rather busy today.  Warren and I attended and FASD meeting to talk about the future housing situations for our children.  Not just ours but other parents as well.  There is quite a need for a special community.  Just all trying to get our feet wet so to speak and figure out where to go from here.  Planning stages.  Then, went to a local Easter Egg Hunt.  Pictures from that tomorrow. After, Warren and I headed off for Easter shopping.  Yes, major procrastinators.  Shoot, this year it snuck up on us all and none of us even got the Easter decorations out or baskets for that matter.  I know, we're slack.  We've all determined that we'll be ready for the 4th of July.  LOL.  Time will tell.  Burgers on the grill for dinner and then bed for the kiddos.  Older kids were up for awhile.  Girls are beat b/c they stayed over at a friend's house last night and were up most the night.  Max is still up downstairs.  Good, he can help fill the Easter tub.  We will attempt to make it to church w/ 1) shoes on and not bedroom slippers and 2) not pushing each other off the front porch.  In addition to forgetting decorating for Easter, same is true for getting Easter clothing for church.  Hey, it's about the message and not what you wear, right?  Anyhow, have a very Happy Easter. 

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