Saturday, April 21, 2012

Blast from the past

Well, I'm a little late on this one but better late than never.  Hard to think that just a year ago, we didn't even have all the kids home yet.  Feels as though they've always been here.  So, time to share a few photos from years past.  Enjoy.

 Alyona and Nik.  This was shortly after we told them we were adopting again.  Notice the shirts.  Nik wore his w/ pride about becoming a big brother.  April of 2010.  

Alyona, reading to her baby doll.  Helps that the book can read for you.  She still loves baby dolls.  This was in April of 2010.

Irina, hanging out w/ dad while he grills. Also, April of 2010.

Max, goofing off w/ his brothers.  Some things never change!  April, 2010.

April of 2011.  Bojan and Nik goofing off at the prosthetic office.  

April of 2007.  Getting ready to do an Easter Egg Hunt.  Goodness, they look so tiny now!  Not the same kids.  No way! 

This is what happens when you let big sisters help dress you.  Alyona in April of 2007.  That was our old kitchen before we remodeled. 

D.C. trip of 2009.  Yes, we all wear the same color when we go to really large places.  Easy to spot.  Now as they're older though, we do tie dye or something like that. 

Max, Nik, Alex and Bojan enjoying a picnic in the front yard.  April of 2008.

And that was my blast from the past for April.  Being that it's almost May, we'll have to do another one soon.  LOL.  Today was busy and I'll have to do another post on it.  Good busy though.  Much to share.  Dummy me though forgot the camera.  Oh well.  Warren and Bojan are downstairs watching some movie that I don't care to watch.  The three oldest teens are off at a friend's house for the night.  More posts to follow.  Eventually, I'll be caught up.  Umm, yeh.  right.  Hope everyone had a great day today.  Today was much, much better than earlier this week.  BTW, I do not like this new blogger set up.  Not used to it yet.

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