Tuesday, April 24, 2012

baking bread

Well, apparently we have a lot to learn about baking bread.  Here's what it looked like though:

Yes, that is bread.   Ahh, so many things to work on.

We made 4 loaves.  More like French baguettes.  Now, despite ugly appearances, the kids and their friend devoured them.  In fact, when Yana got home from track, there was none left.  It was very tasty.  Irina and I at first couldn't figure out why it wasn't rising.  I covered it w/ a towel.  2nd time I covered it w/ cling wrap and it did the trick.  So, not too bad for our very firs try.  We will be baking again.  We'll try this recipe again and then we're going to try one from my favorite cookbook that has yet to yield a single bad recipe.  

There is so much happening around here lately that I truly have not had time to respond to people. If I haven't, I promise I have not forgotten.  Tonight was soccer practice for the boys.  Yes, we let one rejoin soccer.  That was Logan.  Alex still has to earn it back a bit.  His coach spoke to him today about that.  Love his coaches.  They are just super duper awesome!  Now, Alex and Logan are still grounded in other areas though.  Oh, you have to hear this before I forget.  They're not allowed to play.  I look out the window and yell to Alex "what do you think you're doing?!"  He was on the trampoline mind you.  He answers "teaching Reni how to swim."  I wasn't quite sure what to make of that one.  One for the books.  Got to go.  Promised I'd get myself to bed much earlier than I have been lately.  Enjoy the evening. more tomorrow. 


  1. Those breads look delicious. I love a crusty loaf! If you have a protected sunny spot, you can let your bread even rise outside in warm weather. I always set it on my front porch in the afternoons. But you do have to cover it, as you learned. In the winter, I sometimes wrap the bowl up and put it on top of a heater vent.

    Around here, the big experiment at the moment is sourdough with a homemade starter. It's going well, but the starter is not yet old enough to be really sour, so we are baking decent bread with it, not quite sourdough yet though. I'll blog about it sometime.

  2. I think your bread looks great! As long as it tastes good, everything's fine! I love the King Arthur flour bread recipe. I've used many different recipes for bread, and theirs is one of the best. Also try allrecipes.com....they have some good bread recipes too. Keep baking! There's nothing like fresh-baked bread.