Thursday, March 1, 2012

Working it out

Lately, we've been working it out.  What have we been working out?  Our bodies of course!  That's right, we're getting in shape around here.  And apparently, I'm not alone.  Just look at all the extra coaches I have to help.

Okay, ignore the hideous working out pics of me please.  One of the kids took these pictures.  I work out 4 to 5 times a week to a Biggest Loser dvd.  Living room is not that big for all of us to workout together but somehow the kids like to sneak in too.

Summer, taking the lead in the workout.  One day I'll have a picture where every single child has both shirts and pants on.  LOL.  She had just gotten out of the tub I guess.  

This was towards the end so I look like I'm dying but the kids are still going strong.  Though, they kept stopping every few minutes.  Digby is just laying there trying not to be stepped on.

 Then the boys wanted to work out after I was finished.  It was a miracle the dogs were stomped to death in the process. 

Okay, she just exuded cuteness here.  Looked like a little elf to me.  Could put fairy wings on her and she'd be good to go.  

Brothers Logan and Nik.  Yep, don't think Nik minded getting another brother.  Of course, both are typical boys.  URGHH!!!  

Catching up on some posts.  More to come.  Maybe.  Kids have to be put to bed first.  Not to mention more paper work.  Hope you all enjoy your evening.  

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  1. Steph, I am so proud of you for taking time to care for yourself. And a little jealous that I can't seem to make that same comittment. Girl, I just don't know how you do it. We really, really, really MUST get together and stop talking about it. I am reading and looking at pics and trying to get caught up and just feel like I miss you more & more, even though we've never met in person! How is that possible?! Transition in our home is going slow, so I need your mommy expertise. I'd love to come spend a home-school day with you all and just hang out & get to meet and know all the kids. Let's do it, really soon! Loveyou! Bless you sister! Ginger