Wednesday, March 7, 2012

What's new

A few things are new around this house and not just the kids.  LOL.  Thought I'd share a few pics of just a couple of things that are new. 

Nik has learned a new trick...pop a wheelie.  He does it w/ a few of the different bikes we have.  I was trying to catch him in action but could never get a good shot.  Oh well.

Alyona showing off her new haircut.  A few of the kids got haircuts the other day.  Alyona said she wanted to look like a teenager.  

 View from the back. 

 Knitting is new around here and by far a very huge hit.

Another new thing here is Kota has seemed to become a bit calmer.  He still does NOT accept strangers and we have to be cautious when introducing new people.  But overall, getting calmer.  He is definitely the protector though.  As protective as he is though, he puts up w/ all kinds of crap from Summer.  She can do anything to that dog and I mean anything and he just takes it.  Alex & Logan love playing tug of war w/ him too.  

Even the boys are very into knitting.  Believe it or not, they were fighting about who got what sized ring.

When one of the knitting hats did not work out, they gave it to Summer as a headband.  Everything in our home always has dual uses.  

 Yes, those eyes still get me every single time. I believe she could model. 

I think Logan was a bit tired in this picture.  Nik, camera hog smiles as usual.  Funny thing is after myself, Warren and Max could NOT figure out these stupid loom instructions, Logan did.  He then taught everyone else. 

Nik styling in his new glasses.  And the optometrist was right.  This time he's finally keeping them on!  Wahoo!!!  He was working on fractions here.  He also does fractions in his home school academy classes so that is fantastic.  

Those are just a few of the new things going on here.  More to come later.  We did a ton of science today which I'm happy about.  Finally starting to catch up in that area.  We studied winter this semester and now amphibians.  Next, I think we'll be working on weather.  Not sure yet, may change that up a bit.  Hope everyone is having a great week.  Boys, mainly Alex and Logan, have not been the best this week.  Alyona gave a suggestion and I took it!  They get three more strikes, prison camp it is.  We haven't had to do a 'prison camp' around here in a l-o-n-g time.  However, if this behavior keeps up, we may have to do an installment.  We'll see. 


  1. Prison camp? :) excited to hear what that's about!

  2. My thoughts exactly on the prison camp as well and is there room for a 9 y/o girl with FAS.
    I love Alyona's hair!!!

  3. What homeschool program do you use? Also, where did you get the loom kits?