Sunday, March 18, 2012

This past weekend

Saturday, we had a bit going on.  Not much though.  We went to Reni and Alyona's practice soccer game.  Usually they are on the same team but this time they were against each other.  Hilarious b/c Reni was telling Alyona to kick the ball.  LOL.  Still supporting her even though on opposite teams.  Her brothers felt free to provide running commentary & critique through the entire game.  They should be on Jeopardy b/c they think they know it all.  This btw, was Alex & Logan.  Got to love it.  Thought I'd share a few pictures from that day. 

 Alyona.  Only one in pants.  Despite me telling her it was going to be in the 80's that day, she still insisted pants would be just fine. 

Reni, ready for that ball.  Can you tell she gets right in there to play?  Not afraid of the ball one single bit.  Complete opposite of Alyona.  

Reni, observing the field.  I like her hair up but she doesn't usually put it up.  

Some of the kids watching their sibs play.  Can you tell there is no shade?  And I'd forgotten sunscreen.  Usually don't think about that in March.  

Alex, sporting some shades.  Now, Alex was covered in poison ivy and horrible allergy eyes.  Know the movie 'Hitch?'  That was him later. So, he sported shades.  Yes, he's growing up b/c he doesn't want the girls to see him this way.  

Summer wanted to pick flowers.

Nik has this nervous habit of wrenching his shirt up.  He really is starting to grow up a bit.

I let Nik have my camera and he took this picture of himself.  He is my camera hog for sure.

 Aren't they just absolutely stunning flowers?!

Reni, working hard in the game.  Really was proud of her.  No fear of the ball at all.  

 Now, the other parents and us know Alyona is not the soccer player type.  Not being mean, she's just not & she knows it too.  Yet, I think she loves being on a team atmosphere and this provides that for her.  However, the other day, we looked out on the field and another friend of mine said "all she needs is the catwalk, you know."  Doesn't she look like she's posing?  She is by all being my girlie girl.  She is NOT a tomboy whatsoever.  Reni is.  That's what's so great.  They are so different yet so close. 

She wanted the flower in her hair and I was happy to oblige.  With some help from a friend and a bobby pin.  Bulgarian beauty!

The eyes melt me every single time. 

After the game, we had to head to Target.  Had a gift card so that obviously helps.  Was able to get Alex his allergy meds and even picked up soda (a treat here).  We all tested out the lawn furniture and dreamed.  Found some jump ropes for .48 so picked 3 up.  I know, a real splurge.  LOL.  But the biggest hit was the little pinwheels.  they've been playing w/ those non-stop. 

Came home, ate lunch & Warren and Max carried off the trash.  After that, we decided we'd never make that blacksmith demonstration we wanted to go to and it was just too hot.  Came home and just relaxed a bit and cleaned up.  Watched a new movie and took some time to just sit.  Oh, and wash the van.  Oh, and I planted the gardens.  So maybe we didn't just sit.  Productive day.  Irina and Yana spent the night somewhere else.  More to come.  Just trying to answer a few emails now so need to get busy.

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