Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Surgery & you have sibs where?!

Alright, today is Tuesday.  This will have to be a fairly quick post as my head is still spinning of everything that transpired here today & I'm not even writing about it all.  It's just too much.  I will at some point but I'm still spinning. 

Okay, some quick things.  Nerves have set in for Alyona and Bojan.  Alex is holding steady but that's b/c he has Logan here.  He will fall apart tomorrow.  PTSD.  Happens any time someone here goes to the hospital.  They'll all be okay.  Just know the next few days for us all here are going to be extremely rough.  Done it before and thank goodness, it doesn't happen often. 

Here today, we did a Civil War project.  It will be over the next few weeks we'll work on it.  Anyhow, we all got off on a tangent.  Don't even know how.  Somehow got to talking about brothers and sisters.  Reni & Logan were frustrated b/c they were trying to think of the English word for director.  I said " it's the same."  They continued to tell me they were told by him they have one other sibling in another orphanage.  Umm, excuse me?!  They did not know if it was a girl or a boy.  See, they come from a family of 12 kids.  9 of them live at home.  Now, I know that Logan was the 9th birth.  I'm assuming Reni is 10 or 11th birth.  That being said, the other child must be younger than the two of them just given birth order.  See,  I noticed this in their papers originally & didn't think much of it as they try to keep sibs together. I figured if they're not, must be a reason for it but not pressing  the issue.  Well, now that they're home, they KNOW they have a sib in another orphanage, I'd like to know. I really would.  So, agency is looking into it for us.  Could be nothing comes of it.  Maybe the child passed away.  Maybe the child aged out (can't , they're younger).  Or any other number of reasons.  Don't know.  Just know my children have a right to know about their siblings.  Funny thing is, they had NO idea about the others at home. 

All my kids & I have always been open about discussing birth families.  I let them take the lead.  I do not initiate.   Today, Logan recalled the details of him coming to the orphanage at 4yo w/ Reni (2yo).  He remembers his mom giving him bananas and telling him bye-bye.  He never saw him again.  She never came to visit them.  The other 9 kids are at home yet these two were never seen again.  I now know why they did not tell them about the others at home.  That would have been too difficult.  Instead, they told them of the other sib at the other orphanage.  Now, he also told me they lived in 3 different orphanages and he went to Shumen first.  I knew this already.  He also said he lived in Kaspichan.  I knew that too.  So Logan is recalling accurately.  You have to watch b/c sometimes PI kids will come home and make stuff up. Be careful newbies.  LOL.   For now, we are very curious.  It's being checked into and we'll take it from there.  As they learn more English, we'll know more.  They begged us to take Maggie home.  A friend of theirs.  Same girl we asked if she was available for adoption in June.  she wasn't as her parents come to visit.  Reni said "yes, they do.  But her parents are very bad people mom.  She needs to come here."  No dear, doesn't work that way.  The law is the law.  I will not disclose what else was told to me.  Just know I'm getting an ear full and can only imagine once more English comes, what I'll hear.  My kids have been through a lot but have shown great resilience.  I will keep you posted on the sib thing.  Will take a couple of weeks to get info. 

Kids are no longer sick.  Thank goodness.  2 people have asked about the house.  Much more to say.  Much more to write.  For now, I must go get ready for tomorrow.  Surgery day.  I will be staying at the hospital overnight so no computer.  Tending to kids.  Thursday, I'll have an update on here on how they are doing.  Keep them in your thoughts and prayers.  Going to be a long few days.  


  1. Wow... this is stunning news. I know the question will be asked, so I will be the one to ask it... do you think you will go back to Bulgaria if the child exists and can be adopted?

    I know that is ALOT of ifs... praying for everything to work out for ALL!

  2. Goodness!! I will pray that you find out the answer about the bio siblings as I agree that if you're open to it, that they should know. I, myself, am adopted and do wonder if I have bio siblings out there.

    Prayers for your children's surgery tomorrow that all goes well and they are in minimal pain.

  3. Wow! If you find out they do indeed have another sibling, I am guessing you may go from 10 to 11 kids! LOL!