Thursday, March 1, 2012

Surgeries scheduled

Duke called yesterday.  We have surgery dates for Alyona and Bojan.  They both go in on March 23rd.  There are 4 patients that day.  2 of them being our kiddos.  Alyona's surgery should not be all that complicated.  Remember however, that is what we said right before the botched surgery job she had.  So, hoping and praying this simple surgery goes well this time.  They will be taking all her hardware out of her arm.  She will be casted and hoping it won't be all the way up but we'll have to wait and see on that one.  She is outpatient. 

They just called again.  Surgery is now Wednesday, March 21st instead.  Bojan will be overnight for sure.  He'll have a hemovac and frankly, I don't want to mess w/ that at home.  Though, they gave me the option due to our "experience" and closeness to an ER.  However, I say better safe than sorry.  LOL.  I'm sure Bojan will appreciate me not pulling that out of him or for that matter, one of his sibs!   Alyona will be coming home same day.  Plans are being made for how all this will go that week. 

Bojan is of course way more complicated.  They were supposed to get back to me today as to whether he is to be overnight or not.  In all likelihood, he will be.  I think what we'll do is both Warren and I go to the hospital. I'll have movies and crafts for Irina to do with the younger kids that Friday.  Wish they could go to homeschool academy to kill time but that would be too hard as we'll be at the hospital w/ Bojan.  I'll have neighbors check in sporadically w/ Irina to see how the younger ones are doing.  Once Alyona is okay, she will travel back home w/ Warren.  Bojan will stay in the hospital w/ me.  Then, next day we'll take Bojan home.  That will be a Saturday.  No soccer that day.  No anything that weekend for sure. 

We will have surgery times hopefully in the next few days. And whether or not Bojan is overnight.  Though w/ all the work that they are doing, chances are he will be.  We'll work it all out for sure.  Always do. 

Today is Thursday.  Hey, I need to get back to doing those thoughtful Thursday posts. Next week, I promise.  This week really has been busy again.  Last night, I made baked meatballs w/ Irina.  We all ate, Warren came home and we all left.  Well, Bojan, Max, Yana and Nik stayed home.  Went and got 4 kids a hair cut, 2 grocery stores and then Walmart for supplies.  We had no idea we'd be gone that long.  Nik finally got his knitting kit.  He'll be starting that today.  He is estatic to say the least. 

It's gorgeous out today.  Was going to take them to the park but to say they've been deserving would be inaccurate.  They all have been just plain horrible today.  I mean horrible.  I don't know if it was from being out late last night or cabin fever or what but I can't take much more.  Tomorrow has got to be better.  Tried to review history and it's like they never had heard it before. I think the beautiful sunshine today fried their brains.  LOL.  More to come.  Need to upload some pics.  Been rearranging appointments, picking up Yana from track, checking homeschool work, and making a ham for dinner.  So, more later.  We'll have some answers next week as well.  I should say week after next.  13th we find out if Irina needs surgery.  15th we find out about Summer's eyes.  Still waiting for endocrine to call me back.  Neuro already faxed them the papers and medical records.  Kids w/ ACC are followed by endocrinologists due to the location of their disorder and what all can come w/ it hormonally.  Will be enlightening indeed that day we go.  There are some unanswered questions for Ms. Summer and hoping this can answer some of them.  Well, for now, got to go. 

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