Saturday, March 17, 2012

Soccer time

Well, it is that time of year again.  Soccer time!  One of my kids' favorite times of year for sure.  They truly love playing. 

Time for muddy cleats.  I hate that.  Trying my best to get them to take them off at the door but so far, it's not working.  Maybe soon.  This is Summer's shoe.  Size 10.  One of the other kids said I didn't know they made them that small.  

Alex and Logan waiting for their turn to shoot.

 And, he shoots!  Logan practicing his goal shots.

Summer, just hanging out and waiting for her brothers to finish.

 Summer, goofing around in the chairs.  entertaining herself.

Alyona just hanging out for her brothers.

Reni, ready to play some ball.

Summer on the far left.  She is with all 4 year olds.  For now, best place for her as she has many, many things left to learn.  I was so proud b/c she could run.  Difficult to do w/out that left/right brain connection.  She only fell 4 times that practice.  And with time, that number should go down.

My baby girl is just styling out there.  Watching what's going on around her.

Reni, just finishing up practice.  And wow, can that girl work field.  She was right in there w/ the rest of them and wanting to kick the ball.

Alex was practicing w/ an 8th grader.  He comes over to where all us parents were sitting and said "boy, she's really kicking my butt!"  We all just laughed.  How could you not?  Very cute.  He made her day too I think b/c he thought she was in college.  LOL.  She also couldn't believe he was in 4th grade.  Just was funny all around.  Great that they could practice together and learn some things.

Those were some practice shots.  We went to a practice game today.  Then did tons of work outside.  We're beat tonight.  Planted the garden.  Well, most of it.  Tomorrow is church.  Hoping to get more done on the house.  I will have more about it later as well.  Enjoy your weekend.  It's beautiful here. 

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  1. LOVE this post! Everything about about it was sweet! First off, that top photo! That tiny cleat with the ruffled sock AND there just happens to be a Dr Seuss book about FEET! Couldn't have done that on purpose if you tried! Now I would have it blown up and put on a canvas! It really is priceless and a precious reminder of just how little she really is. I'm sure she would love to see that as an adult.
    The photo of Alyona is stunning! Her haircut is way TOO cute! Suits her to a tee. Would Reni ever get hers cut like that? She's gonna be one hot girl when the summer heat hits the 90's. Of course, there's always ponytails and braids which Yana and Irina could do! Her hair is so beautiful with the curls, so I guess it wouldn't lie quite like A's hair does. Oh, and I love the photo of Reni, too! You are So blessed to have little girls! I love girly girls! If your girls will wear their hair up, I will send you some hair "stuff". I've got lots of things for hair. Let me know. I also want to send some tops to I. I'll work on it.
    Okay, I have some blog requests. Could you tell us how I is doing with her new job and being out of school? And, have you ever blogged about Alyona's arm and the surgery that messed it up? If so, where? If not, will you share?
    Hope you are feeling better! Oh, and it's 80 degrees in MN. today! Never happened in history. But, cooler weather all this next week.