Friday, March 23, 2012

Soccer practice & miscellaneous

It's Friday.  Finally made it to Friday.  Seemed like the longest week ever.  Guess hospital stays will do that to you.  Bojan and Alyona are doing okay.  Thought Alyona could make it through home school academy today but no.  She called to come home early as her arm kept getting bumped she said.  Remember, still super sensitive as surgery was just Wednesday.  Was debating in the first place whether she should go but it was the last day & she didn't want to miss it.  While they were there, I went to the doc.  After 4 days of no sleep whatsoever & literally not being able to breathe, it was time.  Bad sinus infection.  That should clear up w/ antibiotics in a few days.  No biggie.  Warren stayed home to help w/ Bojan more & worked from home.  Good thing he did b/c he had to get Alyona while i was at the doc.  Yana is at Driver's Ed again this afternoon. Her school finished second in their meet yesterday so that was great.  We'll be going to one of her home meets in April. 

We have soccer practice on Tuesday & Thursdays and games on Saturdays.  Here are a few pics from last practice.  I didn't get any of Nik really b/c I was watching Logan & Alex's practice.  Warren was w/ Nik. 

Logan, getting around one of his coaches.  

 Alex, going in for one of the shots.  That white blur is the ball he just kicked.

Alex, doing a little foot work while waiting for instructions.  

Nik, taking a water break from his team.  We bring water bottles to practice and games though they have a water cooler there just in case you need it.  

Summer, practicing her soccer moves in her cow rain boots.  So lady like.  

Reni, Summer and myself watching the practice.  

That was a glimpse of practice.  We have a bunch going on this week as you know.  We are trying to sell the house.  Someone is coming this weekend to look at it.  That would be wonderful.  Phone calls are starting to come in.  Pretty good considering I haven't put a sign out in the yard and have barely advertised anything yet.  That's my job this weekend...flyers and advertising everywhere.  Need to move.  Love the house but need to move for future plans.  Tonight having burgers on the grill.  Yum.  Then, try to get the house somewhat organized.  Tomorrow, kids have soccer games bright and early & teens are going to help out w/ the church barbecue.  This is prep weekend for that.  So, keeping busy.

Bojan and Alyona are healing.  Each day will get a little better.  Much more to come.  Just been completely exhausted lately.  Hoping next week will get back to a little more normalcy.  Enjoy your weekend everyone.  Weather is so nice here lately. 

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