Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Sleeping beauty

Thought it was time for a picture of my Bulgarian Princess.  Well, one of them.  I will have a longer piece on Summer but these were just too sweet not to share.  She fell asleep watching TV the other day. 

Fingers in her mouth, sleeping like a baby.  Love it.   Just love it.  She is snug as a bug in the blanket her Aunt Mindy & Uncle Chris gave her for Christmas.  

Isn't she just the sweetest thing?!  We love her so, so much.  She's laying on the baseball beanbag that everyone loves in this family.  Trouble is, it's starting to split at the seams.  Nothing like the innocence of a sleeping little girl.  Content.  

We went to soccer meeting tonight.  Their first practice is on Tuesday.  Can't wait.  They are all so ready to play ball.  Logan was rather disappointed when he found out girls were on his team.  LOL.  This will do him some good.  What they were taught in his orphanage is that women are inferior to men. I was even told in Bulgaria that the boys do not listen to women.  Ha!  He found out differently when he got home he'd better listen to mom.  He's learning quickly.  So having girls on his team will do him a world of good.  It is hard to change thinking after it being drilled in your head for so many years.  But, he's sees the difference firsthand here so that helps immensely.  Different cultures teach different things and we must remember that.  

I have been sorting so many papers and emails.  Getting a lot done but still so far to go.  We may be part of an adoption documentary in the Summer some time.  Don't know for sure, don't know all the details but still very interesting to think about.  I will try and catch up on all our happenings at some point.  I honestly didn't think we'd be this busy after coming home w/ the kids.  I was wrong.  We will have soccer practice Tues & Thursday evenings, Church clubs on Wednesdays(starts in April I think), Friday is home school Academy, Saturday are soccer games.  Irina works during the week.  Yana has track practice everyday during the school week.  Yana has meets 2 times a week.  Church is on Sundays though ashamed to admit we don't go every weekend.  Hey, I'm lucky they have clothes on when we go is all I'm saying about that.  Once I was so mad at them getting ready I threatened to take them all in their pajamas.  Those who know me, know I would have done it.  I swear they were all dressed in like 2 minutes that day.  LOL.  Maybe that is a hint I should use that tactic every time.  Anyhow, we are keeping busy to say the least.  But, it is a good busy.  Hope all is well w/ folks. 

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