Thursday, March 22, 2012

Sister and brother

When adopting, you know really know who's going to mesh with whom until you get home and see how the family dynamics play out.  I had an idea & for the most part was right on.  However, there is one relationship that I really hadn't considered or planned on.  And that is the brother-sister relationship of Summer and Max.  Summer is close to Max. She loves him so much and it goes both ways.  Max has a very sweet soul.  Max has always been great with younger kids and we think he'd make an excellent father one day.  But for now, Summer has him wrapped around her little finger.  If she requests a dance from big brother Max, he does it.  She wants to play around, he does it.  She asks him to carry her upstairs, he obliges gladly.  Every night.  If I put her to bed, she runs downstairs, calling Max's name and asking for him to put her to bed.  He doesn't complain, not one bit.  Many times you'll see her up on his shoulders.  Just a great big brother. 

Again, she has her own sense of style and if she has clothes on, we go with it.  Yes, those are cow rain boots with a sundress.  Who cares?  I know my kids will never go on one of those best dressed lists but I also know later in life, they'll have confidence to dress themselves b/c mom didn't do it for them.  Yeh, that's my excuse for how they go out half the time.  LOL.  Summer just loves her big brother Max to pieces and it shows.  

Now, as for Logan, Max still is getting used to another brother.  Mainly, b/c Logan wants to engage Max but the only way Logan can think to do that (due to lack of communication) is to pelt stuff at Max's head.  As you can imagine, that doesn't go over that well with Maxwell.  It will take time.  Now, you'll catch them wrestling and things of that nature but they still have work to do as far as bonding goes.  

Very, very exhausted right now.  Trying to stay awake long enough to put them to bed.  Home school academy is tomorrow morning.  I'm taking them and dropping htem off & coming back home to Bojan and Alyona.  Then, pick them up and come home again.  Need to do a few errands but need to wait a bit.  Soccer is Saturday.  A few games that day.  Older kids will help out at the church.  Praying that everyone sleeps through the night tonight but not holding my breath.  We'll see.  In the midst of all this craziness, I totally forgot Max's birthday is in a few days.  Though we're not getting him anything, still would like to remember it somehow.  He asked for cash in lieu of a party & gifts b/c he wants to buy a class ring.  And that's fine. He's older, it's what he wants and rather he get something he wants.  At the age where parties are starting to be outgrown a bit more.  Sure sign they're growing up.  Max will be 17 in a few days and I can hardly believe it.  The kid I brought home in 18 month clothes at just 4 years old is growing up.  And after Max, is Reni's birthday a week later.  Her first birthday celebration in America.  Would love to make it a bit special as she's never had one before here.  We'll see.  Got to go.  More to come.

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