Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Sis pics & a little rant

Had some random pictures in the last camera batch and thought I'd share.  Irina must have been at work that day as there are none in there of her.  Don't worry, we all know she's one of the sisters 5.  For now though, I'll share what I've got. 

They LOVE dressing alike.  I found these jackets at Walmart.  For $1 a piece.  Yes, just a buck!  Needless to say, they were thrilled.  Alyona and Reni still remain very, very close sisters.  You would never know Reni has only been here for 4 months now.  And Alyona is not that much taller than her.  They are the same size but Alyona had high heel boots on.  

The next series of pics, Irina took.  This is of Yana.  16yo.

 Yana and Reni posing for Irina.

These two are actually pretty close as well.  Okay, only until Reni gets on Yana's nerves.  Then, all bets are off on closeness.

Little blurry but I just thought it was sweet of the two of them.

Fake smile.  I can spot them a mile away now.  LOL.  

Irina took this one of Reni as well.  She was wearing the necklace she made herself.  She is also one that loves to do crafts.  Like I said, she fits right in w/ this bunch.  Like they've always been here.

It's been super busy here lately.  Hence, no manic Monday post yesterday.  Today, Yana got her fundraiser cookies.  She started to deliver them.  She also won $50 cash!  She was thrilled w/ that.  Irina worked today.  Bojan got all A's and B's on progress report.  Max was asked by the art department to do perspective drawings of the cafeteria, lockers and another building.  They will then be blown up and a mural will be made for the school.  I thought that was pretty cool.  So does Max.  He's been working on them.  Finished one already. 

Younger kids had soccer practice today.  Just the boys.  To say I was mad at them, would be an understatement.  We go through this every single season and I'm about to call it quits.  If I tell you to get ready, I'm not talking to the wall.  If I tell you to put equipment on, I'm not talking to the wall.  If I tell you to fill up a water bottle (remember, one passes out & gets over heated...URGHH), I'm not talking to the wall.  If dad says get in the van, he's not talking to the wall.  How hard is this?!  Really.  How hard?  Right now, I have 3 grounded boys.  Coach even said they forget shin guards next time, they'll be by the fence watching.  I was SO happy he said that to him.  Boys didn't think he'd side w/ me so this was great.  I know, that sounds mean of me but you had to be there.  Get home and Nik let the dogs escape.  First time in awhile.  Still, shouldn't have happened.  He was laughing about it so that was like salt in a wound.  Bath time should be easy, right?  Wrong.  Apparently, Nik told Summer to pour nail polish down the drain.  Why?  no idea.  Boys have taught Summer the word stupid b/c they know all she can do is parrot words.  They think it's funny.  If looks could kill, they'd all be dead.  I can assure you of it.  I think my eyes were shooting laser beams into their skulls.  Bummer as nothing sank in.  I'm beginning to wonder if Warren's sinus headache is truly a sinus headache or simply a boys gone bad headache.

I was out of spaghetti sauce.  Made my own. Bojan:  " it's better than nothing."  Max:  "Geez mom, are you trying to kill the vampires?!"  I admit, the sauce was horrible.  But, we had nothing else to eat.  So garlicky sauce it was.  Why so much garlic you ask?  Maybe b/c I couldn't remember how much to put in between screaming at boys.  Maybe.  I think soccer nights may have to become soup or sandwich nights.  This is when I need chocolate.  Yep, I do.  I'll have another post about Irina's results from today.  Oh, we both received credit cards Warren & I today.  And we did NOT order them!  Warren went to the bank that issued them & asked what had happened.  Apparently, this is from way back when when Warren was a pilot and a member of AOPA(aircraft owners pilot association...I think).  I mean before we got married.  Banks had changed hands a dozen times over.  See, we'd used the AOPA card for Max and Irina's adoption.  BTW, only time we ever use a credit card is w/ an adoption.  LOL.  True though.  Anyhow, can't cancel them or it messes up the credit score of course.  So, we have two blank cards locked away.  Still though, they must be desperate to chase someone down after all those years & try & give them new cards.  Geez. 

Weather is great here.  More on what's happening soon.  Surgeries are next week and we are nowhere near ready.  Good news is I now have someone to check in on Irina while we're away at the hospital.  Feel a lot of relief.  Now, I need to find the time to precook some meals while I'm gone.  I say soup.  LOL.  Going to have to fight the school on the wheelchair issue it looks like.  Crazy, I know.  I'm going to finish answering some more questions as well.  Just been a bit hectic here.  But, what do you expect.  It's life.  Tomorrow brings NO appointments and NO practices for soccer.  Just track.  Maybe we can catch up.  yeh, nope.  More to come. 

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