Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Sick kiddos

Sorry but not much posting going on around here.  I've been up since 2am.  Alyona was throwing up non stop.  It's finally been a few hours since the last bout.  Alyona is one who can not really stand to lose many fluids.  You really have to watch her as she'll go downhill fast.  Really fast.  We always have 2 bottles of Pedialyte in our fridge at all times just in case.  She's drank about a bottle today which is fine.  She slept when she could.  Hasn't moved much.  Reni was SO worried about her.  Watched over her all night despite me telling her to go to bed.  When I went to get the boys up this morning, I was shocked to find Max still in bed.  Said his stomach hurt.  So, he went back to bed.  I made him get up at 1:30pm.  Literally slept all day.  Alex zonked out mid-day but his was allergy related. 

Alyona is okay for now.  Her fever is at 100.7.  Not bad.  Typically, when most of my children run a fever, it will be around 104 to 105.  It's just normal for them.  Alyona I'm hoping is making a turn for the better.  She hasn't gotten sick in a few hours.  Just need to get her well by tomorrow or they may not do surgery next week.  URGHH!!! 

Warren went this morning to pay the accountant this morning from our taxes.  However, checked on tax status and won't be getting a refund any time soon.  Worried about that as that is how we are going to Camp Cheerio and such.  And much needed repairs.  "predicted" time is end of April but we all know how that works w/ the government.  Our experience in years past is we always, always get it later than they say we will.  Lovely. 

We are just utterly exhausted today.  Long day.  But, got a good chunk of my vegetable garden prepped for planting.  Yard is getting worked on and it was great to spend some time out in the sunshine.  Love it.  So much needs to be done here and I feel very behind on things.  I know we'll catch up.  I guess just drained a bit.  That's what happens when you stay up w/ sick kids.  Thankfully, Warren and I are just tired and not sick. 

Tomorrow, Summer has her ophthalmology appointment.  Hoping this one is a no, you do NOT have to come back type of thing.  Yes, that's what we're shooting for.  I'll let  you know.  We're studying amphibians.  Frogs especially.  Kids found one today and had a field day.  Ooh, that's why the eyes are on the side of the head, etc.  They were actually listening to what I had said!  This is progress folks.  Really is.  Alex the other day even told Warren that male frogs are the only ones to croak.  Wahoo.  Learning.  We may be slow but we're learning.  I'm going at their pace now which is paying off.  Before, I wanted to finish in a certain amount of time.  It did not work for them.  This works better.  Next, we're doing spring for the rest of March.  Flowers & their parts, gardens, equinox, etc.  April, we're doing Earth Day study and the desert.  May is going to be either astronomy or oceans.  Leaning towards oceans...better field trip.  LOL.

Been a day.  Boys decided they wanted a pet frog.  I found it in their room.  URGHH!!!  But we're studying frogs mom.  Umm, just b/c we study dinosaurs doesn't mean we get one.  Anyhow, not too bad a day.  I'll catch up at some point.  Just not today.  Tomorrow night is the girls' soccer practice.  Friday, home school academy.  Next to the last week of it.  Saturday, thinking of taking them somewhere after the soccer game.  There is an old mill here that is giving a free blacksmith demonstration.  Might be kind of cool to do that and then a picnic lunch out.  Or, a Wendy's frosty.  Sunday is church.  Next week is surgery of course & that will eat up most our days.  Keeping hopping at Chaos Manor.  More to come.  Need to finish stuff up. 

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