Saturday, March 31, 2012

She tries so hard

Summer is 5yo.  Currently, on the level of a 2yo for most things.  This we know.  However, there is something very special about Summer.  So much motivation and drive to want to accomplish things.  It's awesome to watch.  At times though, it is very difficult for Summer to do the most basic things.  Feeding was difficult when she first came but now, she's a master.  Potty training was another thing.  Well, it's with great pride that I announce the last few days Summer has gone to the potty all day w/ no accidents!  In addition, the last two days, she has woken up dry in underwear.  Been a huge week for her for sure.  Yet, there are a few things that Summer still has trouble with and that we're working on. 

This is Summer working very hard on putting on her shoes.  This is very difficult for her.  They never seem to go on the right feet.  

She is so very proud when she thinks she has them on right.  Then, I have to see the look on her face when I tell her they belong on the other foot.  Summer tries so, so hard to get it right.  Trouble is, the left-right brain connection that she is lacking.  Some days she is left handed and some days she is right.  This can be difficult for such a little girl who is already behind in a few areas.  But her enthusiasm lives on and continues each day.  Smiling every single day.  

There's the smile when I told her now it's right.  Summer wants to be like her big brother and sisters.  she will get there. I have no doubt about that.  She is learning new things each and every day.  In addition, sign language is helping her immensely with communication.  Though many signs are still hard for her to form and with c-ACC, repetition is key.  I love her determination in life.  She will go so far.  You will not believe just how much she has overcome in the last few months.  The list is lengthy.  I know in a few more months, she'll have accomplished even more.  And have that same I'm proud smile on her face.  I've gotten to see that each and every time she goes to the potty this week.  Comes out screaming she's a big girl.  So cute.  I no pee underwear is what she'll say to us all.  Yes, Summer tries really hard.  And keeping at it, she gets it.  Can't wait to see her in a few months.  Summer really is an inspiration to behold.  Had to share. 


  1. Summer rocks! What a big girl. Can't wait to see her happy face in person in June.

  2. Way to fo Summer! It helps that she has so many good examples at home and wanting to be like them.

  3. I love that smile of pride! A trick that I have found helpful is to draw a smiley with a cool colored Sharpie on the bottom of the right shoe on each pair of the child's shoes. On the right, big toe nail, put a dot or another smiley face with the same Sharpie. Then all she has to do is make sure the smiley shoe is on the smiley toe! That equals MORE smiles! :)

  4. I like Joy's idea... my poor kids just get sharpie dots on their shoes that they make touch to know which shoe if left or right. Smiley faces are cute tho'!


  5. Congrats, Summer, on all your accomplishments! I am in the process of adopting a little girl from EE. She has Down Syndrome and FAS. Its so promising to hear about the things Summer is able to accomplish and parenting a child that is developmentally younger than their age.

  6. Adorable! No wonder my Tom wants a little girl from Bulgaria! (((HUGS)))