Wednesday, March 28, 2012

She dreams in chocolate

Summer is indeed her mother's daughter.  There is no doubt in my mind now.  The other day, we used the chocolate pancake mix my mom got us. 

 We had these this past weekend.  They are chocolate chip pancakes.  Kids were thrilled to be waking up to these on a Sunday morning.  Shoot, it could be chocolate covered bark and they'd have the same reaction. 

She has no issues whatsoever consuming chocolate.  It will be eaten.  Chocolate pancakes and all.

In our house, I take turns w/ kids liking the beaters or whisk or whatever.  This time, it was Summer's turn.  White ruffled socks, no pants and ready to lick every single drop of chocolate off that thing.  LOL.  

 Who could resist a face like that?

Pure bliss I do believe.  Chocolate was actually one of Summer's first words.  Sad, I know.  She definitely knows what it is.  And that's okay in my book.  No, she doesn't indulge every day.  However, it is definitely great when we do.  Just proving again, she is for sure a part of this chocolate loving family. 

More posts coming this evening.  Finishing some up.  However, must get back to home school.  Bojan is loving being the substitute teacher.  He does a fantastic job too.  Even checks their work.  Now, he says he may want to be a teacher when he grows up.  who knows.  He has told me now though "how do you put up with these kids everyday?  They don't listen!"  I laughed and agreed.  Enjoy your day.  We'll be outside later studying the parts of a flower.  Great day for it & many azaleas are out.  Soccer went well last night. Nik had a game and the boys had practice.  We had Max's birthday cake later.  More on that too.  For now, got to go get phone calls made and work checked.  We're studying spring.   You know, since our winter unit was a bust.  LOL.  We didn't have winter this year.  Crazy. 

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  1. Don't worry about chocolate being one of Summer's first words - our son from BG (with a severe speech delay) has been home three weeks, and at his PreK screening, they wanted to know what words he was saying spontaneously - ice cream, doughnut, and cookie. I had to assure the teachers that we really do eat very healthy at home!!!