Thursday, March 15, 2012

Scary Sisters

Okay, so the teens may hate me for this one, I don't care.  LOL.  Here goes:

The girls and I decided to do mud masks the other night.  Found some on sale at TJMaxx.  Now, we're all ready to make sure they keep it in stock.  LOL.  We all had fun with it.  Told them next time we'll do manicures for each other.  My kids know I hate feet so no pedicures.  We had fun and plan on making this a weekly thing.  It's simple but just something silly.  All ages can do.  All abilities.  Some of the masks above were almost dry so they look lighter.  I'm behind the camera. :)  I was green too.  Just had to share.


  1. Cute! I've never done mud masks with my girls but we have done manicures and pedicures. I'll see if my girls are interested in mud masks :D