Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Q & A time

Lately, I've had folks write me privately or ask questions in some blog posts.  I haven't done one of these in ages and thought why not.  So, if you have any crazy questions that you want to ask, I'm game.  Can be anything from adoption to punishments, to big family questions to all sorts of things.  So fire away! 


  1. "Q and A time":
    Hello, Stephanie. You mentioned once that Max's driving license was taken away from him. What is happening with it now? Any chance to get it back?

  2. What is your family's favorite recipe that feeds your whole family?

    For the kids that you brought home from Bulgaria, how did you introduce American food to them and when should you worry if they're not eating? What is a good food to stock up on for when I bring our little boy home?

    I have many more but I'll let others ask. :)


  3. Since I started reading your blog, daily for about the last four months, I've been curious about your references to CPS difficulties. We are actually in the process of adopting our first. I had heard horror stories from adoptive families with special needs kids about issues with CPS and was just curious about your story, if you're willing to share.

  4. This isn't really a question, but more of an observation and request. You have mentioned that you hate 9 year olds, several times. I know you don't mean it literally, but it makes me sad to hear that. I would love to read more about Reni. You seldom post about her. Is she difficult to "like" at her age? Or does there seem to be some difficulties in your personalities? She is a darling little girl and I wonder if she feels a bit lost in all of the activities of such a large family. I pray for both of you and hope that you are doing some special things for just the two of you. It will certainly make the teen years easier if she feels a special connection with her Mom.