Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Pogo sticks and peanuts

Thought it was time again for more pictures.  I have been putting a lot of old posts back up.  Well, not yet.  Just two so far.  I will continue over the next few days.  But this post is new.  My kids are outdoor type of kiddos as you know.  Anything goes outside.  And no, I don't really mind.  Pogo stick is a hit again.  Unfortunately, so much use it got broken.  But, it was fun while it lasted.  If you ever meet Nik in shorts and wonder why his legs look like someone beat him w/ a baseball bat, you can wonder no more.  Between pogo sticks, climbing trees, bicycle stunts, trampoline, jumping off the swing set, skateboarding while doing a handstand(yes, you read that right), & whatever other stupid stunt you can think of it is a miracle the kid hasn't broken a bone.  Give it time.  LOL.  The other day, as if the pogo stick wasn't challenging enough, Nik built an obstacle course to use w/ the pogo stick.  Obstacle course started by going down the stairs while on the pogo stick and then jumping through various boards.  I don't even look any more.  I don't know where these boys come up w/ this stuff.  I'll take stuff away, say it's dangerous and minutes later they have a drill in hand!  Seriously.  That happened the other day.  Took Summer in to use the bathroom, come out & wham, they went into the garage and got the drill out.  URGHH!!!  My boys are boys through and through.  They have a sweet side but they give daredevils a whole new meaning.  So, some pogo stick pics are ready to go.

Nik, getting some pogo action in while Daddy cooks on the grill.

Lil' Sis taking in all the action.  

Alex getting ready to attempt.  

Logan & Alex were getting SO mad that Nik was getting so good at jumping.  Sometimes, it is nice for older boys to get knocked off that high horse by one of the little ones from time to time.

Nik, getting some height on that thing!  It was really impressive to watch him.  Remember, this is the one that wanted a unicycle and a zip line for Christmas.

Alex, finally getting the hang of it.  

Well, pogo sticks were not exciting enough for our kids.  Nope.  I thought a nice snack of roasted peanuts they have to shell would be a good idea.  

Summer, trying to take in what's going on over there.

Ignore the peanut crumbs all over her face.  Isn't she just beautiful?!

She is just such an amazing kid to have around.  You have no idea.  I want to share her w/ the world but be selfish & keep her to myself.  Summer is the type of person you want to squeeze all the time.  And, we do!  No words to describe the love we have for this little girl.  

Peanut war.  My kids hide nothing from the neighbors.  Poor neighbors.  

They stop long enough for me to tell them to stop.  Made them sweep up peanut shells later but they seem to have fun.  

I think this is like 6 posts today.  I'm done.  Need to go workout.  Lots of built up stress.  I know a full moon is either coming or here just by behavior yesterday & today.  We'll make it.  If there are any questions, definitely feel free to ask.  I've already had a few emailed to me and some emailed to me on FB.  Can't wait.  Might be way more interesting than me talking on here.  Have a great evening.  Guarantee you there won't be this many posts tomorrow.  LOL.   We have soccer and such.  And, company coming on Saturday.  you'd think a house that is going up for sale would not look like a demilitarized zone.  Nope.  It does.  I'm not sure if I'm the only parent of many that has this issue or what.  It's clean and then 10 to 15 minutes later, it looks horrible.  I used to be a neat freak.  Can't any more despite my efforts.  Anyhow, have a great evening.  Posts are done....for now. 

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  1. Reading your posts really make me look forward to bringing our little boy home. After having a family of 5 girls, I am so curious what having a little boy will be like. My girls love to be outside too and that's a good thing. :) Keep posting!!