Monday, March 26, 2012

Our little "fashionista"

If you've ever seen this blog w/ Summer pics, you know by now she 1) LOVES boots and 2) has her own sense of style.  Yes, I know my kids will never be in a fashion magazine.  I will not be known as one of those parents who dressed their kids so stylish every time they exit the house.  I'm lucky if my kids have clothes on half the time or even shoes on.  Not joking.  So, all that being said, Summer likes to dress herself (with help).  Thought I'd share some of the pictures the kids and I took of her the other day.  Let's just say we're lucky she's got a great smile.  LOL. 

Yana took this picture of her.  I think she looks so much older here for some reason.  Like, watch out mom, teen years are coming.  

Summer was so proud of this outfit.  Skirt's a little big.  She's in a 4T now.  She has the fancy socks on w/ all the lace on them.  

Don't know what this was about.  She made this face for me though.  Ignore the leftover food around her mouth.  LOL.  

 What a ham.  Love the smile.  It's the only thing that saves her from trouble. 

 Tell me she's not posing??  LOL.  She was absolutely so proud of herself.  Of course afterwards, she went and put on her snow boots.

 The sisters wanted a picture together.  All smiles.

A picture of her hair in the back.  Love how the kids picked up the loft area.  URGHH!!!  Summer does not mind hats at all and I think she looks so cute in them.  I'll take advantage of it before she becomes like the rest of her teen sisters.  Oh, never take Summer into a shoe store.  She was this way in Bulgaria too.  LOVED shoes.  LOVES them.  It was crazy.   We'd pass a window and that was it.  She'd scream w/ delight.  In December, we took all the kids for new shoes at Shoe Carnival.  I thought the child would lose her mind.  We're preparing as we must take all the kids for their summer shoe shopping this coming weekend.  

More posts are coming.  Need to get the kiddos ready for bed.  I'm still under the weather so need to get them to bed. 

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